Cops See Men on Trail Cam, Beg for Public’s Help After Discovering Their Hobby

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Hunting is an extremely popular American pastime. However, it is also a sport with a lot of rules that need to be followed, both for the good of the hunter and for the sake of the animals that are being hunted.

In a Sept. 26 Facebook post, the Oregon State Police announced they are looking for two men who may have illegally poached three elk, and then just left the carcasses behind without using any of the meat.

This wasn’t hunting. What these men allegedly did was just killing for the sake of killing. These are the sorts of people that give hunters a bad name.

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“After the photo was taken, at least 3 elk were illegally killed between September 16 and September 23 and much of the meat was left to waste. Troopers believe the two subjects in the photo were involved in the illegal taking of the elk and waste of the animals,” the Facebook post read.

The two men in the photograph that accompanied the post were also hunting on private property.

The post also noted that troopers believe a third man, who was not photographed, may also have been involved in the crime. Anyone with information was asked to contact the police.

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RWC News Cops See Men on Trail Cam, Beg for Public’s Help After Discovering Their Hobby

In another post on Oct. 2, the Oregon State Police noted that they were working with the leads they had so far.

“The Oregon State Police would like to thank the public for their help with this case. The investigators are working with the leads they have received and are not in need of any additional information at this time,” read the post.

RWC News Cops See Men on Trail Cam, Beg for Public’s Help After Discovering Their Hobby

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No more information about these men has been posted on the Facebook page, which might mean that the investigation is still ongoing and the suspects have not been located yet.

Poaching is wrong, and illegal, and these men should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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