Cuban Embassies May Close Due To “Mystery Illness” and Sonic “Health Attacks”

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RWC News Cuban Embassies May Close Due To “Mystery Illness” and Sonic “Health Attacks”

Rex Tillerson (pictured) has been asked by Senator Rubio and others to get Americans out of Cuba over a “mystery illness.”

Things are just not going well in Cuba. The of the day started with Yahoo reporting that “health attacks” were happening to U.S. diplomats and talk of closing the embassy there over the matter had arisen. Now, the Daily Wire is confirming that a group of U.S. Senators including Marco Rubio (R-FL) “are calling on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to shutter the U.S. embassy in Cuba after 21 Americans, living in the country” after a number of diplomats living there have come down with a mystery illness.

We have seen poisonings in other nations, the most famous of which is Russia. At least two prominent politicians have been poisoned with radioactive substances there, one of which is suspected to have been ordered by Putin himself to squelch opposition. Now it seems that Cuba may be joining in on a biological level.

RWC News Cuban Embassies May Close Due To “Mystery Illness” and Sonic “Health Attacks”

Is there a sonic weapon being used at this hotel?


Cuba’s neglect of its duty to protect our diplomats and their families cannot go unchallenged,” said Republican Sens. Tom Cotton (AR), Richard Burr (NC), John Cornyn (TX), Marco Rubio (FL.) and James Lankford (OK) in a letter to Secretary of the State Rex Tillerson.

The safety of U.S. diplomatic personnel and their families posted overseas remains one of our high priorities and a shared responsibility of those nations that host U.S. diplomatic facilities,” they also said in Friday’s letter.

The mystery illness is nothing short of terrifying, for it robs one of their hearing and even “permanent brain damage” has been reported. The most recent American to “complain” is said to have returned to the United States in August.

Senators are saying that this is a “health attack” and reports are that “at least one U.S. official says he began to feel queasy and lose his hearing after he heard a strange noise coming through the wall of his hotel room.” Is Cuba resorting to biological warfare with something causes hallucinations? It seems likely.


Is the strange noise some kind of weapon? We can only guess as ten Canadians have also reported “sonic attacks” that left them to endure “nausea, headaches, and nosebleeds.

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Cuba claims to be investigating and to have “their best man on the case” as they claim innocence.

Some think that this is due to President Trump wisely dealing with the Communist state as the cruel diplomatic foe that they are.


Certainly, the way to get the U.S. leader to rethink this stance is not to poison American diplomats and other citizens of the free world.

Sources: YahooThe Daily Wire

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