Daily Caller Confirms: Liberal States Obstructing Requests As Trump Fights Rage On

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RWC News Daily Caller Confirms: Liberal States Obstructing Requests As Trump Fights Rage On

Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin doesn’t want the public to know anything.

Today a Daily Caller exclusive has confirmed that the liberal states who are involved with litigation against President Trump’s travel ban are actively obstructing multiple requests.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute has filed several Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to disclose how much money they are spending on these attempts to fight the president of the United States. Hawaii, Minnesota, and New York have refused to respond to these requests. Massachusetts received a request as well and released two items but withheld the majority of the information.

Hawaii has been at the forefront of these battles. They are fighting the current form of the travel ban which President Trump issued on September 24. In response to the FOIA for litigation costs, the state attorney general stated they were not disclosing the information due to “attorney-client/work product privilege,” a bizarre explanation for this type of request.


In addition, Hawaii was issued a FOIA for emails between attorneys in the case. They were specifically looking for communication with words like “racist,” “Muslim ban,” and “Trump.” The attorney general denied the fee waiver request for the document search and said they would search for the emails for the fee of $28,396.30.


Minnesota and New York have been similarly unresponsive to FOIAs for even attorney hour information which would give a rough estimate of costs.


Massachusetts released the amount of money it spent for “pro hac vice” or showing up at court in a jurisdiction where a lawyer does not have a license to practice. The total for that was $693. The refused to disclose third-party counsel costs, public relations costs, hours of workers, or anything else that might have been useful.

There is a possibility of an end in sight. When Hawaii told the Supreme Court that the state would challenge the third ban, they were informed they could present the case for why they should be allowed to do that. Hopefully, the Supreme Court has much more common sense in this situation than the liberal states have.

Source: The Daily Caller

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