Democrats Now Targeting Christianity, Claim God Is A “White Supremacist” Along With His Followers

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RWC News Democrats Now Targeting Christianity, Claim God Is A “White Supremacist” Along With His Followers

“If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you…” John 15:20 KJV

Islam loving Progressives apparently think forced reading of the Quran and indoctrination of Islam isn’t doing enough damage to the youth of America. Now they are attacking the Almighty himself, calling God a White Supremacist. Exactly what scripture are they citing and out of what Bible?

As scripture tells us, the “enemy” will add to, take from and distort the Word of God for his evil purposes. And now your tax dollars will be paying for the blasphemy.

RWC News Democrats Now Targeting Christianity, Claim God Is A “White Supremacist” Along With His Followers

“And whosoever shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me.” Matthew 18:5 KJV


The Blaze has reported one of Forbe’s top ten universities in the country is now offering a class to teach students the evils of a white supremacist “god”; the very Heavenly Father whom Christians worship. And the ONLY God His word says can save sinners from eternal death through the blood of His son, Jesus Christ. Not Buddha, certainly not the “enemy,” Lucifer, whom many worship, and definitely not Mohammed.

Oddly the college was founded by the Quakers, one of the most God fearing and Christ loving sects in religious history. The very people God led to America to escape religious persecution; the same persecution raging in the world today, but most disturbing, on American soil, as well.

The very soil early Americans left everything they owned behind to suffer through months of dangerous sea travel: battling disease and starvation. Many succumbed to the harsh voyage to never step foot on the new “promised land” of God.

What would Quakers think of “their” Swarthmore College today? A once holy place of learning that embraced Biblical truths and taught the principles of the Almighty seems to have been overrun by Progressive agendas. How would they feel that years of sweat and blood toiling the earth to build Swarthmore is now teaching blasphemy against the very God whom they worshiped.


RWC News Democrats Now Targeting Christianity, Claim God Is A “White Supremacist” Along With His Followers

US students being forced to pray to Mohammad under the guise of “tolerance and diversity” studies

What would they think about a professor leading this “class” being the chair of the “religion” department and the coordinator of the Islamic Studies Program? Better yet, how do YOU feel about this tax supported class to denounce a loving color blind Heavenly Father and replacing Him with one of hate, filled with racism?

Swarthmore Professor Tariq al-Jamil will be heading the first class set to begin Tuesday, leaving no time for students or parents to file an objection with the college over course content which falls under a mandatory requirement for students in certain areas of study to successfully complete.

According to al-Jamil’s college profile, he is an “expert on Medieval Islamic Social History and Law.” Very interesting, “social history” (how to overtake the world through procreation, infiltration and mass terror) and “law” (Sharia Law).


RWC News Democrats Now Targeting Christianity, Claim God Is A “White Supremacist” Along With His Followers

Tariq al-Jimal is an expert in Islam teaches anti-Christian classes on YOUR DIME!!!

A partial course description in the College catalog states:

“This course will focus on representations of race in religious discourses and social practice. Particular attention will be given to discussion of the interpretive practices that are foundational to the process of “whiteness-making” and the construction of white identity. With primary source readings and secondary literature ranging from the biblical interpretation of white supremacist “Christian identity” churches…”

Whose Biblical interpretation will al-Jamil be using? Nowhere in the King James version, the most commonly used Bible, is there any mention of “white supremacist.”

Unlike Mohammed, who preached hate and violence, Christ taught tolerance and love for all races, all being equal in sin. Though scripture teaches us there will be ones who are “chosen,” Christ welcomes ALL people who accepts God’s gift of salvation to join Him in the end at the Bridal table. There aren’t ANY exemptions to this invitation much less any based on race or color.


The class description goes on to say (students) will engage in “critical examination of the influence of religious thought both past and present on comparative global racisms, and TRANSNATIONAL WHITENESS.” What is exactly “transnational whiteness” and which religious influences will be “critically” examined? Bets are Islam will not be criticized in Mr. Al-Jamil’s class.

The spread of Islam, through forced indoctrination and violence, has been occurring for centuries. It has only been in the past eight years a rise of such practices in the US reached meteor speeds. And why is that? Barack Hussein Obama.

RWC News Democrats Now Targeting Christianity, Claim God Is A “White Supremacist” Along With His Followers

Obama inspired protests to force Islam and sharia law on Americans

Is Islam just “the means to justify the end;” the end of the world as Christians know it and the ushering in of the Soros elitists’ New World Order. A “new” world in which all will be subjected to the worship of the AntiChrist as Bible prophets have foretold or perish at the evil hands of his followers by torterous, sadistic means: beheadings.

Beheadings are the chosen method Mohammed taught and Islamic followers use as a way to “eliminate” all who will not convert. Will Islam eventually become the enforcer, the executioner for the New World Order? Is this the reason Obama, Crooked Hillary and fellow “Progressives” have emboldened the avowed enemy of the US and God’s chosen nation, Israel? Could the rapid forced indoctrination of Islam and sharia law being forced on our children be a shadow of things to come?

RWC News Democrats Now Targeting Christianity, Claim God Is A “White Supremacist” Along With His Followers

“Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for such is the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:14 KJV

Al-Jimal’s class is not alone in the lineup of courses at Swarthmore designed to attack Christianity and the Almighty God. Another is “Radicalized Jesus” and this writer could not stomach to read the description. But it’s sure a bet it’s not supportive of Christ; His teachings and the tortoreous cruficification he suffered for a world of sinners who do not deserve the free eternal gift given by the  Heavenly Father. There is also a class titled “Queering the Bible” which doesn’t take much imagination to know the intent of this course.

In fact, perusing the Spring Semester list of courses, there are only two classes titles that remotely appeared to be pro Christian; a Hebrew language class and “The Bible” a study of the Old Testament. But in looking at the objective of the Bible class, it is not designed to promote Christian beliefs, just the opposite.

For decades Christians in the US fought the usurpation of the public education system; against the propaganda of dispelling the Word of God as mythical stories replacing it with ‘theories” of evolution. The removal of God and prayer from the schools and public venues. The mockery of Christians, being called uneducated, illiterate, delusional and cultists, even labeled “homegrown terrorists.”

RWC News Democrats Now Targeting Christianity, Claim God Is A “White Supremacist” Along With His Followers

The United States was founded and created on Christian beliefs not Islam

But over the past eight years, not too much has been said about “atheism” in the public arena of debate and discussion. It has been replaced with Mohammed and Islam. And yet there are no cries from liberal groups such as the ACLU or lawsuits filed by Progressives opposing such “religious” indoctrination in the schools. No shouts about “separation of church and state.”

Instead Progressives have embraced the forced Islam curriculum giving Muslims special treatments and accommodations for their “religious beliefs’ such as special food for religious dietary requirements, a place and excused time from class or work to pray five times a day. Allowing women to wear obstructive clothing thru TSA and other security checkpoints. So obstructive there is no way to identify if the one wearing the Burka is the same person in the ID or even female.

And Christians living in a Christian nation founded by Christian Christ serving men who wrote a divinely inspired document based on Christian and Mosaic Jewish laws are to bow down and submit.

Yes, as God’s ancient Prophets, Isaiah, Jeramiah, Daniel, foretold, these are shadows of things to come.

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