Dems Rushing To Cover Report Showing 30% Of Muslims Within Country Think Terrorism “Acceptable”

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RWC News Dems Rushing To Cover Report Showing 30% Of Muslims Within Country Think Terrorism “Acceptable”

30% Of Muslims In This Study Claim That Terrorism Is “Acceptable.”

When someone listens to what a Democrat has to say, there are four topics they absolutely love to talk about. Among them is hatred for President Donald Trump, advocating for open borders, how former President Barack Obama was a great leader and how Muslims are peaceful. Some how, they will find a way to incorporate at least one of those four subjects into a conversation.

However, it’s that last topic that has plenty of people worried. While it’s true that not all Muslims are eager to kill Americans, there are plenty out there that would want nothing more. Despite this being a gigantic security risk, the Democrats continue to claim that the United States should accept as many refugees as possible.

Now to combat the Democrat’s bleeding hearts, there is a new study that was conducted in France that shows just how wrong they are. The study, which has the full report delayed until after the French election, shows that one-third of young Muslims believe terrorism is “acceptable.


The study asked the opinions of 6,828 high school students after the 2015 Paris attacks. These results were then analyzed and presented at a press conference in the capital of France by the researchers, Olivier Galland and Anne Muxel. As a whole, the results are incredibly disturbing.

However, they are not surprising considering the attitudes that young Muslims have in European countries. One only needs to look at various incidents in France, Germany and Sweden to show how dangerous these Muslims have been. How many “no-go” zones have been created in Sweden thanks to these people?

RWC News Dems Rushing To Cover Report Showing 30% Of Muslims Within Country Think Terrorism “Acceptable”

Many Neighborhoods Are No-Go-Zones for Non-Muslims In Sweden.

As for the study, they noted, “A young is four times more likely to adhere to radical beliefs than a Christian.” There is some truth to this. When was the last time a radicalized Christian attack was on the news? Compare that to the last time that a radical attack was featured on the news and the statistic makes a lot of sense.


It was also revealed, “33% of students consider it ‘acceptable’ to ‘participate in violent actions for his ideas.’” That is just another way of saying a third of students are okay with terrorist acts occurring, as long as it’s for “his ideas.” That is an incredibly dangerous statistic to read and interpret.

“20% of students agreed with the statement that it was ‘acceptable to stand up for your religion with weapons.’” That is also a dangerous statistic to interpret. Keep in mind; these are people that the Democrats want to invite to the United States.

However, this is the only religion in which Democrats are demanding sympathy for. If the results were changed so these values reflected Christian values, Democrats wouldn’t be screaming about how Americans need to let them in the country. Why are Muslims the only people that are protected so heavily by the Democrats?

The study also notes “24% of those surveyed refused to fully condemn the Charlie Hebdo killings.” Those were the killings that occurred in France due to a cartoonist portraying a picture of the prophet Mohammad. So nearly a quarter of people surveyed thought it was acceptable that people were killed over a picture.


Finally, the last notable statistic in the report was this. “21% of those surveyed refused to fully condemn the Batacian theater massacre during which 89 people were killed as part of the wider November 13 Paris attack that claimed 130 lives.” Again, more people refused to condemn killings that occurred.

RWC News Dems Rushing To Cover Report Showing 30% Of Muslims Within Country Think Terrorism “Acceptable”

Muslims Didn’t Fully Condemn The Killings

What’s scarier is that the numbers could actually be higher. Muslims only made up a quarter of the sample. Still, those are high numbers that are deeply disturbing. While this did happen in France, it’s a portrayal of what could happen should the United States accept even more Muslims.

As predicted, the left-leaning papers slammed the researchers. Le Monde chastised the researchers for “opening Pandora’s box.” However, all they did was relate the facts of the study. These statistics are nothing new either. The results are actually consistent with previous studies.

In 2006, there was a Pew Global Attitudes study. They found that 42 percent of Muslims aged 18-29 believed suicide bombings were sometimes justified. These were numbers that were created a decade ago, which means they could have increased.


Unfortunately, Democrats just don’t understand that Americans want to feel safe. If a third of younger Muslims are saying that it’s okay for terrorists acts to occur, how is that making America safer? President Trump understands this and wants to make sure that the vetting process is safe and secure. It’s why he instituted the travel bans.

However, both of those travel bans were sub sequentially overturned. However, there is a deeper history with the judge that blocked the second travel ban. The judge did so 48 hours after former President Obama visited the island. It doesn’t help that the two were former classmates in law school.

RWC News Dems Rushing To Cover Report Showing 30% Of Muslims Within Country Think Terrorism “Acceptable”

A Former Obama Classmate Stopped The Second Travel Ban From Occuring

After Trump’s first travel ban was overturned, which was under scrutiny from both Democrats and Republicans, his second one still generated a tremendous amount of conversation. However, this time, Trump had the support of a long-standing RINO. It’s important that this occurs, because then more and more politicians can realize that Trump is just trying to help keep America safe.

Share this article to show that a recent study in France confirmed every Democrats nightmare. 33 percent of the young Muslims believed that committing acts of terrorism were “acceptable.” Why do Democrats want to bring more and more of these people into the country? If they think that terrorism is “acceptable” that makes it more likely they will commit these acts. Is that what the country really needs?

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