Don Lemon And Co Describe All Trump Supporters A “Fringe” “Uneducated” “White Males”

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RWC News Don Lemon And Co Describe All Trump Supporters A “Fringe” “Uneducated” “White Males”

Don Lemon and guest April Ryan, an American Urban Radio Networks reporter, showed just how much disdain they still have for Trump supporters in a disgusting rant. It appears they haven’t learned anything about where calling people ‘deplorables’ gets you, and they most likely never will.

“April, let’s talk about the president’s approval rating. He’s at the lowest point overall. Just 36% say that they approve the way Trump is handling his job as president. How does the White House explain those low poll numbers which have been consistent throughout his presidency?” asked Lemon.

“Well, they are very reactionary and deflective. They’re blaming it on the Russia investigation. they’re blaming it on Democrats,” responded Ryan.

“But this president is trying to find his way out. And he’s doubling down with his base. And when it comes time to talk to his base, to galvanize them, he hits with topics that really resonate with them: the Confederacy, issues of race, the NFL with taking a knee or be it Charlottesville,” she said implying that his base are neo-nazis.

“This president knows what strikes the chord of the “forgotten man,” the uneducated or those who have not attended college, white male who feels that they’re on the fringe and not touched by any form of government. And this president has reached out to them. So his numbers are low, but he keeps doubling down,” said Ryan. Trump supporters are actually just people. Just like everyone else. Stop it with the stereotypes. Check out the video below.

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