“Don’t Involve Us”: Neighbors, Guards Ignore “Migrant” Gang Rape As Sharia Takes Over Town

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RWC News “Don’t Involve Us”: Neighbors, Guards Ignore “Migrant” Gang Rape As Sharia Takes Over Town

Sweden now has a national crisis on their hands after news of a girl being raped by 20 migrants has gone global. She was turned down by her so called “countrymen” because they were disgusted with her after she had be brutally sexually assaulted, there is no morality left in Sweden.

The socialist paradise that was described in Sweden is nothing more than a myth told to college students in order to get them to salivate at the thought of high taxes and high benefits.  The country has quickly turned into a questionable state at best as their own police forces have become useless in certain areas for fear of their migrant population’s retaliation.

Now the moral and compassionate compass of the Swedish nation is all but gone as a girl who was raped by 20 migrants received no help from anyone after the attack as she was forced to stagger home, beaten and bloody.

The event took place during August of 2016 but has only now grown to get the media’s attention due to the strict censorship that takes place in European nations.  She was forced into a stairwell where she was punched, beaten, and bashed against the wall until she was unconscious to allow the 20 barbaric rapists to have their way with her.


When she finally awoke form the experience that can only be described as a nightmare, she found herself alone and seeking help from anywhere to get her back to safety.

RWC News “Don’t Involve Us”: Neighbors, Guards Ignore “Migrant” Gang Rape As Sharia Takes Over Town

Sweden has grown to become the second largest rape nation with reports increasing to over 1400% over the last few years.

However, the help never came as she was forced to search for it herself.  A near by resident reportedly noticed what was going on but chose instead to ignore the problem as that is what he said he had grown accustomed to.  They are conditioned to accept gang rapes in broad daylight as normal and should not look to disturb the status quo.  The man should be arrested for aiding those carrying out the rape by not reporting it to the authorities.

Later, the woman approached a door where she was trying to get some help because well she had just been sexually violated against her will and that used to be a big deal before migrants were carrying out the rapes.  When someone answered the door, they treated her with absolute disgust and instead chose to send her on her way.  This woman was literally begging for help and these so called “countrymen” instead chose to not only ignore her pleas but actually insult her by treating her as if she deserved it.


RWC News “Don’t Involve Us”: Neighbors, Guards Ignore “Migrant” Gang Rape As Sharia Takes Over Town

Islam a brutal and medieval religion that justifies their relentless assault on women and infidels by simply stating that they deserved it. If a woman is raped in Islam, it is her fault, simple as that. Religious police carry our extreme methods of punishment, where being stoned or rape is justifiable.

This is the culture that the hundreds of thousands of migrants are bringing with them to Europe.  Many were fooled into believing that Islam somehow had something beneficial to offer Europeans by their leaders who relentlessly cried for diversity and open border.

Now they are faced with the reality that there are thousands of Muslims around the continent who are ultimately carrying out various forms of jihad against infidels across the West.

This is not a culture that should have anything to do with the cultural advances that Westerners had made.  Instead of cherishing their women and giving them rights, they instead choose to condition them to enjoy being treated like property and covering them up so they will not get raped by other Muslims.  This is a culture that justifies rape when a women is dressed inappropriately according to Muslims and yet the West has been forced to take them in.


RWC News “Don’t Involve Us”: Neighbors, Guards Ignore “Migrant” Gang Rape As Sharia Takes Over Town

These migrants were so pleased with themselves while they were gang raping a Swedish girl that they actually live streamed it across Facebook to show the rest of the world how the conquering of Europe is going.

Sweden is at the absolute forefront of the clash of civilizations taking place in Europe.  They are experiencing record numbers of attack with knives, guns, and even grenades at the hands of their guests and have even lost so much power that they are no longer able to enforce their own rule of law.

It is no surprise though, after hearing that the woman who was raped and then turned away had to actually go as far as to take a train into Stockholm, still covered in the bodily fluids of her rapists, to get someone to help her.  There is no moral compass left in the nation to help those in need.

This poor woman had an experience that no woman should ever have to be put through, and then it just makes matters worse when she is treated almost just as bad by those who are supposed to be there to help.  Many are looking at this case and realizing just how bad things have actually gotten in Europe, and especially Sweden, as the clash of civilizations continues to take place.

Although the answers are not clear, it is safe to say that those who are responsible for this have a special place in Hell waiting for them.

RWC News “Don’t Involve Us”: Neighbors, Guards Ignore “Migrant” Gang Rape As Sharia Takes Over Town

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