Dozens Watch Horribly Graphic Facebook Live Stream, But Do Nothing To Stop It

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RWC News Dozens Watch Horribly Graphic Facebook Live Stream, But Do Nothing To Stop It

A young Chicago girl’s brutal attack was filmed live and posted on Facebook.

Facebook Live occasionally captures snippets of humanity’s grotesqueness. Dozens of spectators watched last weekend as a young, helpless girl was sexually brutalized by a group of older men. No one called the police.

What has happened to our society? It seems trite to glorify the past, but there really does seem to be something lacking in current American culture. We’re losing our health and our intelligence. Obesity is rampant and U.S. students consistently under-perform compared to their peers in other counrtries.

The anonymity of the internet allows people to indulge in their basest instincts. It’s terrible to imagine adults calmly watching as a child is  attacked. The girl, 15, could have been killed. She was rescued after family members saw the video and alerted the police.


What’s even more disturbing, more than the fact that they did this, there were so many people that saw this and they didn’t pick up the phone and dial 911,” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told reporters.“That’s just not right and we’re working on it and [trying] to bring it to a successful resolution.”

The teen was reported missing on Sunday. Relatives say that she went to a store in Lawndale by herself. She wasn’t seen again until she was spotted on Facebook being assaulted by several males. The sickening crime isn’t unusual for Chicago, one of the most troubled cities in America.

RWC News Dozens Watch Horribly Graphic Facebook Live Stream, But Do Nothing To Stop It

The victim’s family searched desperately until she was found.

I just want her home,” the girl’s mother told WGN-TV on Monday. “I just want to make sure she’s okay ’cause I know she’s probably scared and embarrassed. I just want her back home.”


Gang warfare is ravaging Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods. Gun violence is so common that President Trump himself has lamented the city’s deplorable living conditions. Liberal politicians have held sway for too long. The previous administration ignored the problems plaguing the city.

We need our president to strengthen us, to inject us with a sense of courage. Obama was the consummate politician, suave and perpetually equipped with a snappy response. Yet the former POTUS lacked the ability to connect with the average man or woman.

President Trump ignited a firestorm. Obama’s no maverick, but is. Chicago is the scene of so many horror stories that its citizens have become inured to violence. People were content to watch as a young girl was viciously attacked because the shock of the violence has been dulled by constant mayhem.

If President Trump can fulfill his campaign promises to reinvigorate the economy and create jobs, it would go a long way towards curing the violent epidemic afflicting American society.


RWC News Dozens Watch Horribly Graphic Facebook Live Stream, But Do Nothing To Stop It

CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson expressed disgust that so many people could witness a crime and do nothing to stop it.

They are basically holding an entire community hostage,” Reginald King, a relative of the teen, told the Chicago Tribune. “I literally saw adults, 60 years old, my elders, my parents’ age, cringing in fear. We were like, ‘They’re kids,’ and they were like, ‘No, they shooting people, they killing people, they robbing people.’ Over an extended period of time, they making it where kids can’t go to the store and get a snack and old people can’t come out and sit on the porch and little kids can’t play outside.”

As a society we have to ask ourselves, how did it get to the point where young men feel like it’s a badge of honor to sexually assault a girl … to not only do this to a girl, but broadcast it for the world?” he added.

The horror inflicted on the victim’s family has been compounded by internet trolls’ continued cruelty. Stacy Elkins, the girl’s mother, says that her family received death threats after the video appeared online. Others are treating the girl’s attack like a joke and spamming the family with endless taunts.

According to a spokesman: “CPD [Chicago Police Department] is aware of the social media communication and visits to the family’s home and detectives have filed case reports and opened parallel investigations in reference…Police Supt. Eddie Johnson also contacted the victim’s mother early Wednesday afternoon to check on the well-being of the young girl and her family.”

RWC News Dozens Watch Horribly Graphic Facebook Live Stream, But Do Nothing To Stop It


Stacy Elkins pleaded with police to save her daughter.

Live-streaming could be an incredible way to capture remarkable moments in life. But the technology has been perverted by society’s low morals. A child’s attack isn’t entertainment. Chicago has lost its way. The city is a sordid example of how a culture can slowly collapse under the stress of poverty.

Crimes like this are hideous, and we do not allow that kind of content on Facebook,” A Facebook spokesman told the Washington Post. “We take our responsibility to keep people safe on Facebook very seriously and will remove videos that depict sexual assault and are shared to glorify violence.”

Facebook will indeed remove offensive content, but it’s a clumsy process. The social media giant took over two weeks to remove a video of a 12-year-old’s suicide.

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I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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