Entire DNC Staff Just Asked For Their Resignation Letters

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RWC News Entire DNC Staff Just Asked For Their Resignation Letters

The Chairman Of The DNC, Tom Perez (Pictured), Just Asked For Resignation Letters.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was a highly discussed organization this past election season. It wasn’t because they put out some great candidates, because they didn’t. Rather, it was due to the fact that they were the subject of several scandals.

Thanks to the work of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, the whole country found out that the DNC cheated Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) out of being the Democratic nominee for President. This revelation, which was discovered right at the time of the Democratic National Convention, let to plenty of Sanders’s supporters angry, and rightfully so.

However, that anger quickly died down, as the focus turned to electing Hillary Clinton President of the United States. From the end of July to Election Day, the DNC was dealing with blowback from WikiLeaks, who continued to release incriminating revolutions surrounding Clinton. Ultimately, the Democrats suffered a humiliating defeat, in ALL elections, not just the presidential won. Don’t forget, the Republicans gained majority control in the House of Representatives, the Senate AND the White House.


RWC News Entire DNC Staff Just Asked For Their Resignation Letters

The Democrats Suffered A Major Defeat At The Hands Of President Trump.

The Democrats, claiming that they needed a shake up, just dropped a major bombshell. They have just asked for the entire DNC staff to hand in their resignation letters. This wasn’t just a few leaders or important people; this was literally the whole group of workers.

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez was just elected the party’s chair near the end of February. Now this revelation will give him the ability to organize a large-scale overhaul of the entire group. The letters have been requested to be dated April 15, or tax day.

This announcement does have an interesting note though. The reason for asking for the resignation letters makes the process on keeping or firing certain people a lot easier. Not to mention that this will happen regardless of how many people are let go once all is said and done.


A spokeswoman for Perez, Xochitl Hinojosa, spoke about the move. Apparently the move is a typical part of a change in leadership, but even if it is typical, this seems drastic.

“This is a longstanding precedent at the DNC and has happened during multiple Chair transitions. The process was started before the election of the new Chair. From the beginning, Tom has been adamant that we structure the DNC for future campaigns. Current and future DNC staff will be integral to that effort. Over the last few months, the DNC staff has done incredible work under immense pressure to hold Trump accountable.”

Perhaps this will give the DNC the opportunity to get fresh ideas in there. After all, it was highly criticized due to the leadership of the former leader, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). It only became worse after Donna Brazile ended up taking over after Wasserman Schultz stepped down after the WikiLeaks revelations in July.

RWC News Entire DNC Staff Just Asked For Their Resignation Letters

The Leadership Shown By Brazile Only Made The DNC Weaker.


It should be noted that both of those women were close to Hillary Clinton. In fact, Clinton’s campaign had a huge hand in running the party last year. Both Schultz and Brazile were caught helping out the Clinton campaign in any way they could. Considering that the Democrats best option was actually Senator Sanders, this shake up might have occurred too late.

The country made an emphatic decision to go with Republican leadership in the House, the Senate, and the White House. Even a party shake up that is going on right now might not be enough to stop the bleeding. The Democrats are putting a huge emphasis on the 2018-midterm elections, but they have a lot of seats up for grabs.

If history is any indication, the Democrats stand to lose even more seats, and that would give the Republicans a huge majority in Congress. Right now they are fighting with every breath they have to try and stay relevant. Sure they can go and challenge Trump’s orders, but it just makes them look worse than they do now.

Perez might recognize that. Earlier in the month, he announced a transition committee would be created. They would be tasked with advising him on all aspects of the transition, and that includes staffing. In other words, there could be a lot of people gone from the DNC during this period.

Next month, the party’s unity commission begins their work. They are going to see to recommendations on several party issues. These include changes to the nominating process, and broader questions on how to change the party structure. This would be done to make it more competitive.


Democrats have a lot to consider. They are most likely going to talk about how they lost the election, or how they are going to change the rules. Democrats love to point out that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three million. That led some lawmakers in other states to attempt to have the popular vote choose the next President of the United States.

RWC News Entire DNC Staff Just Asked For Their Resignation Letters

If The Democrats Had Their Way, The Popular Vote Winner Would Be President, And That Would Have Meant Hillary Clinton Won.

Of course, they might also be thinking of how to go best combat President Trump. Right now, Trump appointed Judge Neil Gorsuch as his nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy. Now the Democrats have adamant in how they are going to filibuster the appointment. However, they are secretly making a deal with the GOP so they won’t use the nuclear option on them.

Share this article to show that the Democrats are currently going through an identity crisis. The DNC just asked all of their staffers to turn in a resignation letter. They claim that this is normal, but it’s still extremely drastic. One thing is for sure. The Democrats are on a losing streak, and they stand to lose even more once the 2018-midterm elections come around.

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