Facebook Quietly Admits Over 270 Million Accounts Are Fake

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Everyone has a Facebook account these days, and according to new data released by Facebook, you might even have more than one! Wait, I only created one, you’re thinking; But, that’s the scary part – you did just create one.

Facebook is growing more massive than ever at approximately 2.06 billion users. Basically, everyone, these days has a Facebook, which gives anyone out there essentially complete access to your personal life. People can even clone you to use your identity to spam people or just clone you as a fake account. According to Facebook, this isn’t too rare either. Actually, it’s pretty common with nearly 6-10% of all Facebook accounts being a fake or a clone.

RWC News Facebook Quietly Admits Over 270 Million Accounts Are Fake
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I know what you’re thinking, 6-10% doesn’t sound like that much. However, when you calculate it with Facebook’s nearly 2.1 billion users, it comes out to be approximately 270 million fake accounts… That’s nearly the entire United States population! According to Facebook, this is due to better tools for tracking illegitimate activity rather than a sudden increase in account fakes, clones, or hacks.

According to Facebook CFO Dave Wehner, duplicate accounts often represent real activity from a person using multiple fake accounts to boost interactions. He says that fake accounts can arise due to common user errors and they are typically used to spread spam or operate a ‘shady network of bots’. They also noted that people who spread fake news or misinformation use these fake accounts to add more interaction to their propaganda.

All of the issues arose when Facebook and other social media networks were scolded for their involvement or miscontrol of the spreading of Russian affiliated propaganda during the election. The efforts were part of a larger campaign Facebook has been working on after the fake news and hoaxes following the presidential election.

Until Facebook alters their algorithms to gain back control on identity protection, I’d recommend looking for yourself on Facebook. You can at least report the duplicate profile if it exists.

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