FAKE NEWS ALERT! CNN Finally Releases ACTUAL Picture Of Trump Inauguration Crowd…And Proof That Crowd Size For Obama’s 2009 Inauguration Was GREATLY Exaggerated

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RWC News FAKE NEWS ALERT! CNN Finally Releases ACTUAL Picture Of Trump Inauguration Crowd…And Proof That Crowd Size For Obama’s 2009 Inauguration Was GREATLY Exaggerated
SMOKE AND MIRRORS: If Obama actually did have 1.8 million people in attendance at his inauguration, and the crowd was packed in like sardines, it would have extended across the Potomac River into Virginia, according to Fast Company, a research company who counts crowds. So…in other words, the crowd size at Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration was wildly exaggerated by a sycophant media…
Kudos to Gateway Pundit for laying out the case against fake CNN and showing how they manipulated Americans into believing that less Americans support Donald J. Trump’s presidency than Barack Obama’s in 2009. Normally the size of one President’s inauguration crowd vs. the size of his predecessor’s inauguration crowd wouldn’t matter. But we’re not talking about normal times, we’re talking about a time where the leftist propaganda media used a lie about the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd to make him appear to be an illegitimate President. It’s just one more falsehood that’s been coordinated and pushed out by fake journalists who should never be believed by any thinking American.

As we pointed out throughout the months leading up to the election, crowd size matters. President Trump was crushing Hillary Clinton in number of rallies and number of participants at his rallies when compared to Clinton.

RWC News FAKE NEWS ALERT! CNN Finally Releases ACTUAL Picture Of Trump Inauguration Crowd…And Proof That Crowd Size For Obama’s 2009 Inauguration Was GREATLY Exaggerated

Trump did won in an electoral landslide. Nevertheless, the numbers at the rallies were significantly different between the two candidates and the one with the larger number of participants won the election.

The media remained silent on the crowd size numbers when it was clear that Trump was crushing Hillary in this area. But late last week the media finally reported that crowd size does matter. CNN (Fake) reported that President Trump’s crowd size was much smaller than President Obama’s crowd size in 2009, and CNN provided two pictures to show the difference.

However, the pictures in the article show the crowd size for Obama when he was speaking during his 2009 inauguration with the crowd from Trump’s inauguration approximately 3 hours before Trump spoke.

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RWC News FAKE NEWS ALERT! CNN Finally Releases ACTUAL Picture Of Trump Inauguration Crowd…And Proof That Crowd Size For Obama’s 2009 Inauguration Was GREATLY Exaggerated

CNN’s report was another of their ‘Fake’ lies. The photos used in their post were not comparing apples to apples and President Trump’s Press Secretary pointed this out on Saturday in a special press conference. Trump’s crowd was huge and every bit as big as Obama’s crowd in 2009. Also, in CNN’s article they say that Obama had 1.8 million people in 2009. This is now refuted and is more likely closer to 800,000.

The mainstream media is trying to create a narrative that Donald Trump’s inauguration was a failure by comparing it to Obama’s first inauguration and saying that twice as many people showed up to his inauguration that attended Trump’s inauguration.

In order to better compare both inaugurations, let’s take a look at the facts and let’s also look at the events surrounding both inaugurations.

Crowd Counting Guru Stephen Doig has come forward to offer his insights into the crowd sizes at both inaugurations.

From Fast Company:

Satellites will by flying over Trump’s inauguration, as they did in 2009. Journalism professor Stephen Doig, one of the gurus of crowd counting, used an image from satellite company GeoEye to estimate a crowd of 800,000 people for Obama’s first Inauguration. Official estimates for the event, though, were over twice as high, at 1.8 million, which may actually be impossible, say researchers. DDIS modeled how big a very tightly packed crowd of a million people would stretch back from the Capitol building along the Mall: It would extend across the Potomac River into Virginia.

Attendance at Trump’s inauguration is forecast to be up to 800,000, according to the U.S. Armed Forces Joint Task Force, which supports the ceremony. When final numbers come in, the 800,000 estimated for Trump may also prove wildly optimistic.

Translation? The claims that Obama’s first inauguration drew a crowd of 1.8 million people is fake at best. It also means that the difference in crowd sizes is significantly smaller than what the mainstream media is reporting. According to the mainstream media Obama had over a million more people attend his inauguration than attended Trump’s inauguration. While Obama’s crowd was bigger, the reality is it was only bigger by a few hundred thousand people, it wasn’t bigger by over a million people.

Comparing Apples To Oranges
There are two very important things to remember when comparing the crowd sizes.

#1 – The Weather Was Different

While Barack Obama’s first inauguration was slightly colder than Donald Trump’s inauguration by roughly 10°F, Obama’s inauguration was bright and sunny.

Trump’s inauguration was anything but bright and sunny, Trump’s inauguration was cloudy and rainy.

Weather plays a factor when people decide to attend an outdoor event.

#2 – Violent Liberals Attacked At Trump’s Inauguration

This can’t be overstated. When Barack Obama held his first inauguration, protesters didn’t burn limo’s, break windows at businesses, hit supporters, and police didn’t have to use percussion grenades. All of these things transpired at Trump’s Inauguration by violent and hypocritical liberals.

More than 200 people were arrested for their violent acts at the Trump Inauguration.

Watch here as a young female reporter is trapped in a doorway by anarchists protesting Trump’s inauguration. This is a perfect example of why Trump supporters were afraid to go to DC for his inauguration:

[embedded content]

A simple google search for “how many people arrested at Obama’s first inauguration” yielded no arrest numbers in the first few pages. Why is that? Because there were few if any at all.

Trump supporters have been the victims of violent attacks by liberals around the country for many months, people were calling for Trump to be assassinated.

Without question many people were seriously concerned for their safety with these liberals showing up to cause violence. The entire week leading up to the inauguration was filled with warnings that police were expecting a rowdy crowd of protesters.

It is easy to draw the conclusion that many people most likely didn’t attend for the simple fact they were concerned about a potential attack taking place. –GP

It’s pretty clear that Trump had at least as many participants at his inauguration as Obama did in 2009, and very possible that Trump had even more.

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