Family Under Fire After School See Shirt 7th Grader Wears For Field Trip

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RWC News Family Under Fire After School See Shirt 7th Grader Wears For Field Trip

The school has apologized.

Liberals are constantly claiming they support free speech. What they truly advocate for is free speech as long as it is what they believe in. That is sadly evident in a story from Georgia where a family there has come under fire. The problem arose when they let their 7th grader choose his own clothes for a field trip.

Nancy and Stan Jester believe in the First Amendment. When their son Jaxon asked to purchase a shirt for his school’s trip to CNN’s headquarters, they felt it was his right. Mr. Jester wrote in a blog about his son’s choice;

“This year when the CNN tour was announced, my 7th-grade son Jaxon asked me if he could purchase an FNN-Fake Network shirt to wear for his field trip. As an advocate for the First Amendment, I agreed to his request.”


RWC News Family Under Fire After School See Shirt 7th Grader Wears For Field Trip

Jaxon learned a very hard lesson.

However, when Jaxon showed up to school with the shirt on, the teacher proved not to be such an advocate. She made him remove the garment. The school has apologized but the Jesters aren’t done with the issue. Mr. Jester wrote;

“His mother cautioned him that he might cause a controversy and needed to be prepared for that. He was fully aware of the implications of his decision and made the affirmative choice to wear his shirt.”

The father says his son is “disappointed by the hypocrisy.” The boy has learned a hard lesson about liberals. Mr. Jester pointed out;


“Some students are celebrated when they make a controversial display during the National Anthem. My student was forced to remove his shirt because someone didn’t like it. I defend speech and expression, even if I disagree, or it makes me uncomfortable.”


Mr. Jester and his intelligent son both have a point. The First Amendment applies to everyone, not just liberals. They support Anthem protests, BLM protests, hate speech against the president, and disgraceful behavior towards his supporters, but when someone speaks back…well, we all know how that ends.

Source: Fox

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