‘Feminist’ Writer Says That Franken’s Accuser Is Lying Because She Is A Trump Supporter

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RWC News ‘Feminist’ Writer Says That Franken’s Accuser Is Lying Because She Is A Trump Supporter

It is often very difficult to prove that someone sexually harassed or sexually assaulted you. However, in the case of Democratic Senator and former Hollywood comedian Al Franken, there is photographic evidence of him groping a woman while she sleeps. However, accuser Leeann Tweeden is a Trump supporter, so according to liberals, she must be lying… despite the evidence.

Feminist writer Vivian Copeland started by pointing out that victim Leeann Tweeden was once in Playboy, therefore she deserved it.

“Leeann Tweeden as she appeared on TV to accuse @alfranken and her nude centerfold from Playboy. Quite the transformation. I don’t care what party a person belongs to. Perverts need to be held accountable but false accusations aren’t cool, either,” tweeted Copeland.

“The jury’s still out on LeeAnn Tweeden and Al Franken but here’s some pictures from her FB and IG pages. Hardly the bespectacled frump she portrayed on TV today. LOL. She’s a Playboy Playmate, a gun fanatic and a tRump supporter. You decide,” she wrote.

Why does being a Trump supporter take away from someone’s credibility. Maybe this is less about believing women and more about politics afterall to these so-called ‘feminists’. People on twitter were quick to call her out. “Blame victim-very sad. Please post next to your photo ‘whether women are truthful about sex harassment depends if they’re accusing an R or D’” wrote one user. “Just because she posed for Playboy does not give anybody the right to assault her.. No means no….” wrote another.

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