Final Days: Obama Literally Destroying Israel, Millions Sent To Palestine In Effort To Overthrow Jews

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RWC News Final Days: Obama Literally Destroying Israel, Millions Sent To Palestine In Effort To Overthrow Jews

Obama is using his lame duck status to destroy Israel

Very rarely in history do you read about a blatant betrayal of close allies. Usually, history tells the tale of tell of slow eroding of ties until once close nation states meet on the field of battle.

Now we have seen that erosion occur in less than eight years. More than that, the erosion results from deliberate calculated steps taken by a President hellbent on doing everything in his power, legal or not, to aid in the establishment of the Islamic Fundamentalist World Caliphate.

Over the past few weeks, reports have surfaced that Iran was able to increase military expenditures with the help of money gifted to Iran by the Obama crowd. These funds analysts expect to find its way into efforts to undermine the stability of Israel and other Pro-Western democracies in the region.


Then reports surfaced that shiny new US weapons made its way into Hezbollah’s arsenal. Even though the United States claimed the equipment was stolen from Lebanon, Lebanese officials denied it and the U.S. State Department reluctantly admitted the fact. Revealing to the world the simple truth that a mortal enemy of the State of Israel received state of the art U.S military equipment.

Not surprising under Obama, we see a love fest between the U.S and Iranian militias as U.S. Commanders in the field are praising Iran’s involvement in fighting ISIS to the point that one would think that Iraqi and American forces could not win without them. In the process giving Iran the critical city of Mosul to these Iranian militias as a reward for their involvement.

RWC News Final Days: Obama Literally Destroying Israel, Millions Sent To Palestine In Effort To Overthrow Jews

Nukes as a parting gift from Obama to Iran

If that was not enough, as a parting gift to his comrades in Tehran, Obama has given Iran the materials to build at LEAST ten nuclear bombs. Coupled with missile technology that Iran already has, Iran has the capability to destroy Israel or any other state as far north as Greece. But of course, Obama made it all good with the claim it would promote democracy.


Then BEHIND the scenes, as the United States has publicly and consistently pledged its support to the State of Israel, Obama had a far more sinister game plan. Failing to reject a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel, followed by Secretary of State John Kerry’s defense of that inaction by proclaiming that “Israel cannot be both Jewish and democratic;” later it came to light that we not only abstained, but we were also responsible for the resolution.

With just a short time left, Obama has shown that he still has work to do to destroy the Jewish State. More than $500 million of American tax money will be pumped into a Palestinian infrastructure project that the Obama administration officially launched after the New Year, new federal documents reveal. The sudden surge of lavish spending followed ten months of inactivity in the introduction of new U.S. assistance initiatives in the West Bank and Gaza, accelerating right after the Democrats lost the presidential election.

Those anti-Israel actions also prompted the launch of a movement in the United States to stop funding the U.N., leave it entirely and expel it from American land.

“USAID is fulfilling President Obama’s promise to the Palestinian people by working to overcome the many challenges that Palestinians face every day,” according to Solicitation No. SOL-294-17-000002.


“USAID is an essential element of the U.S. government’s support for the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. The Building Foundations contract is the latest evidence of American commitment to the Palestinian people,” the government said. The other projects include a training initiative for PA security forces, in addition to a vaguely worded endeavor to deliver 165 “ocean containers” to the PA in Jericho. While the provision of security assistance is not new, the effort seeks to bring about “a longer-term institutional development focus.”

PA Security Forces receiving U.S. assistance include the National Security Forces, Palestinian Civil Police, Presidential Guard, Civil Defense, the Preventive Security Organization and also the Ministry of Interior. The selected contractor will provide training mentors, or TMs, language assistants such as interpreters and translators, plus subject-matter experts. The TMs will be deployed to the Jordan International Police Training Center and the Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II Academy of Civil Protection.

USSC’s goal is to ensure the PA eventually possesses “professional and self-sustaining security institutions, accountable to and under legitimate civilian authority, which effectively combat terrorism and criminal threats to law and order.” The team also seeks to give PA the ability to “perpetuate an environment of security and stability for the Palestinian people, can provide for the national security of a future Palestinian State, and serve as a stable and peaceful neighbor to the State of Israel.”

The State Department separately listed “Jericho, Palestinian Territory, Occupied” as the Place of Performance to possibly deliver 165 “ocean containers” to the PA. Though it revealed that the containers could be delivered to the PA’s Central Training Institute, State disclosed little else besides size and other technical requirements.

As this document is a “sources sought notice” and not a solicitation, the government is no commitment to procure the containers.

RWC News Final Days: Obama Literally Destroying Israel, Millions Sent To Palestine In Effort To Overthrow Jews


Palestinian security mean the murder of Israelis

When thinking regarding security to Palestine, there is only one nation or organization that they would consider a threat, and that always has and will always be Israel. When we are talking about training, equipping or providing material support for them we are talking about acts that will undoubtedly see use in the act of murdering Israeli citizens and soldiers (Americans too if one considers that thousands of Americans hold dual citizenship).

Let us be completely honest here, or as people around here say, let’s explain how the cow ate the cabbage, this training and material will be used to destroy Israel. Obama will leave office later this week having put a seven-decade alliance not only in jeopardy but having put in the cross hairs the four million citizens of the ONLY stable democracy in the region.

Obama has in one fell swoop not only violated our friendship with an ally that has stood with America despite the condemnation that the rest of the world has heaped on us but betrayed the solemn oath America has kept with the democracies of the world,

“To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends. United, there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures.”

If America cannot keep its word to protect its friends, how can we expect our allies to stand with us? January 20th cannot come soon enough.

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