Final Stab In The Back: Obama Pushes U.N. To Remove All Mentions Of Israel

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RWC News Final Stab In The Back: Obama Pushes U.N. To Remove All Mentions Of Israel

Way To Go Obama

It doesn’t need to be said that the United Nations continues to destroy the idea of peace. They’ve been more of a name than an actual institution that does anything to help the world. They’ve made things worse recently, thanks to a new “Obama” resolution.

Obama, continuing his anti-Israel stance, helped convince the UN to pass a resolution that was undeniably against the country. Needless to say it received a ton of flack and criticism from members of Congress. However, that anti-Israel stance has just gotten a lot worse, thanks to a new report that came out.

Students that are attending UN run schools are using textbooks that completely omit Israel and its existence. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the schools are mainly teaching Palestinian children, but they are funded by the UN’s Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). The textbooks refuse to recognize Israel, and on top of that, they say that holy sites are exclusively sites.


“It id despicable that a UN agency is teaching Palestinian children racism and lies about Jews and Israel,” said Roz Rothstein, a co-founder and CEO of StandWithUs. It’s an international Israel education organization. “There will be no peace and no justice as long as Palestinian leaders, backed by the UN, continue to deny the history and rights of the Jewish people in their ancestral homeland.”

RWC News Final Stab In The Back: Obama Pushes U.N. To Remove All Mentions Of Israel

The UN Messed Up Again

A pair of textbook translators discovered that these textbooks don’t mention Israel and its historical significance at all. These schools don’t mention Jewish holy sites in their materials, either. Rather, they say that they are Muslim holy Sites that Jews are trying to control illegally. Can you see Obama’s dark, twisted policies at play here?

Somehow it gets worse. Children at the school are taught to completely erase the existence of the Hebrew language. For example, there is a stamp used during the British Mandate that has Hebrew, English, and Arabic writing. The Hebrew writing on the stamp was removed entirely.


The destruction of Israel by the UN, and Obama, considering that he has been anti-Israel his entire presidency, goes as far as to correct the MAPS that are used in the schools. These maps make no reference to the presence of Jews in Israel, with every single Jewish city and town established after 1948 erased. Hell, Tel Aviv is renamed “Tel al-Rabia.”

The UN that funds these schools are breaching a recent agreement that was made with the State Department, further showing that Obama doesn’t really care about the country. If he did, wouldn’t his State Department be out there fixing it right away instead of waiting on some report?

Hillel Neuer, the executive director of Geneva-based UN Watch, released a statement about the whole situation:

“By teaching hatred and intolerance, UNRWA is in breach of the UN Charter, and of its just-signed agreement for 2017 with the U.S. State Department. UNRWA schoolbooks that erase Israel and Jews from the geography and history of the region constitute a gross violation of the neutrality requirements applicable to all humanitarian agencies, and specifically negates provisions of UNRWA’s just-signed agreement for 2017 with the U.S. State Department.”


The research into the schools and the textbooks that they use were commissioned by the Center for Near East Policy Research, and the timing of the publication comes less than two weeks after that completely anti-Israel resolution that the UN passed. What the resolution said was that Israeli construction and settlements in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem are illegal.

Again, Obama’s State Department just signed an agreement for 2017 and they didn’t bother to follow through to make sure that the UN was following it? How anti-Israel can you get? The fact that this was happening is just further evidence that Obama doesn’t like the country of Israel and is trying to get rid of it, despite the fact that they are our greatest ally in the Middle East.

RWC News Final Stab In The Back: Obama Pushes U.N. To Remove All Mentions Of Israel

Why Is Obama Doing This?

Officials for the UNRWA said that they were just following a mandate put in place over 60 years ago:

“Pursuant to a practice agreed by UNESCO and the Host countries in 1954, students in UNRWA schools are taught the curriculum of the Host country, which facilitates refugees’ access to Host country secondary schools and enables them to take state examinations and to transition to upper secondary and university. UNRWA does not have a formal role in the development of the PA curriculum, something all governments view as a matter of national sovereignty.”


So because of something that you signed over 60 years ago, you can’t acknowledge that Israel exists? This is Obama’s final stab in the back to Israel.

Needless to say, this is not going to sit well with Congress. They were already furious at Obama for his refusal to back Israel. Not only that, but Congress was mulling the idea of completely cutting off funding to the United Nations. There are better ways to use that money.

Worst of all was the fact that Obama was a part of that UN decision. That was enough to put Israel on national security alert. They actually uncovered evidence that showed Obama was a part of this decision. Still think he is for Israel?

Obama refuses to leave office without ending Israel and everything they have accomplished. Obama is trying to destroy Israel, and we will not sit around and allow this to happen!

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