Fire Engulfs A Home And The Homeowner Responds In A Way That Will Send Him To Prison

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RWC News Fire Engulfs A Home And The Homeowner Responds In A Way That Will Send Him To Prison

Why did this man allow this to happen to his home and even open fire on officers to ensure that it did?

Usually, when a home is engulfed in flames, the fire is priority one when first responders arrive. However, there is nothing at all usual about the case involving Bryan Batchelor, 48, and the actions that he took when his home was on ablaze. Instead, what he chose to do shall likely land him in prison.

As Blue Lives Matter reports, “Bowie County Deputies responded to a house fire with the fire department” in the morning hours of Sunday. In what must have been the most unexpected action ever, Batchelor started shooting at those who came to put the fire out!

One shudders to think what he may have been trying to hide. If nothing, that would make the case even more unexplainable.


What we know is that “around 12:30 AM Sunday morning in the 4600 block of Farm to Market 44 East” authorities came to the aid of man and his home, KLTV reports.

RWC News Fire Engulfs A Home And The Homeowner Responds In A Way That Will Send Him To Prison

When members of the DeKalb fire department (pictured) showed up, they were met with gunfire.

Not likely expecting to be attacked, only two deputies arrived with the DeKalb Volunteer Fire Department. That was when the homeowner came out pointing a gun and demanding that they not put out the fire.

The man then lept into his truck and tried to allude arresting officers by driving into a pasture. It may have sounded like a foolish idea, but unfortunately, this madman had a deviously effective plan.


He must have known where to maneuver the truck in regards to where he drove because he led the smaller police cars into ditches where they got stuck. He then rammed his much more powerful truck into their units and opened fire on them!

Batchelor then stomped down on the pedal and took off. Soon after, he was seen “driving away on County Road 4241 when another deputy spotted him.” When that patrol car tried to stop the firey driver using the same means, Batchelor also employed the same means.

Once again, a cop car was rammed and made “inoperable” and the criminal who wanted his own house to burn was on the run fleeing authorities.

As if in a Hollywood action film where the truck just never dies, reports show that “Two more deputies found Batchelor fleeing down County Road 4235, and he rammed another patrol car.”


For anyone keeping count, that is one ditch filled pasture, two high-speed chases, and three rammed police units that the bumpkin’s truck endured and was still in what seems to be remarkable running order.

The truck was likely shot, too, since the two sides also were in a gunfight. There really is nothing missing from the “movie script” on this particular story.

RWC News Fire Engulfs A Home And The Homeowner Responds In A Way That Will Send Him To Prison

It is not common for fire departments to encounter what they did over the weekend.

Thankfully, the “happy ending” is also intact, for while two officers were shot, “both were treated and released,” Blue Live Matter also reports.

Even happier is the fact that the probably now homeless Batchelor was arrested, so while he may have allowed his home to burn, the county jail and the coming prison cell will make sure that he has shelter. On that, we can rest assured because he is “charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a public servant and evading arrest with a vehicle.


As to if he was trying to hide something in the dwelling, if he thought that it was full of ghosts, or if he just wanted the place to burn to watch it happen, no one yet knows.

So far, there seems to be no motive at all.

Sources: KLTVBlue Lives Matter

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