Forget Baseball Or Football, Mom Turns Her Son Into A Drag Queen

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RWC News Forget Baseball Or Football, Mom Turns Her Son Into A Drag Queen

Mom enjoying a day transforming her son into a drag queen.

John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and iconic bad boy James Dean. These used to be the types of men that represented America’s tough, masculine, gritty spirit. Now, we have pajama boy, “gender fluidity” and little boys being made into drag queens.

In case you have not noticed, young boys, and manhood, are under attack, and the emasculation of males is coming from all sides: parents, mainstream media and schools. The most recent display of male neutering came when social media went wild over a single mother, and author, Mikli Feria Jorge took to Twitter to brag about turning her very young, and impressionable, son into a drag queen.

Ms. Jorge places the responsibility for this make-up party on her son, saying he came up with the idea while enjoying a mother-son evening on the couch watching VH1’s “Drag Race,” a show featuring the famous drag queen, RuPaul.


Jorge proudly tells of how “He had me do his wings, insisted on eyelashes, ate carefully to not ruin his lipstick” and then continued to divulge that her son even wanted to buy a wig to complete the transformation occurring under this questionable act of parenting.

The makeup session continued as mom decided her son needed to put on her red dress and prance around to show off how good he looks and perform his own mini modeling session. One disturbing moment, of many, was when Ms. Jorge took an off the shoulder picture of her son. Eventually she even gave her son his own drag queen name: Cat Astrfi. 

Not wanting to keep this special bonding moment to herself, Jorge decided to share this moment with the world, ensuring her son will never be able to escape this moment of parenting that has created quite the kerfuffle. (If you have ever typed your name into a web search, you are aware that the internet is forever.)

Even though this author candidly talks about motherhood from the perspective of a young mother raising a son, many would argue that this does not qualify as raising a son. Instead of being outside with other boys, or kids, running around, tackling each other, learning how to play a sport or being taught how to treat a woman, from a woman’s perspective, her son is learning how to apply eye liner and playing out his dream of cat walking down a runway, in an off the shoulder red dress.


RWC News Forget Baseball Or Football, Mom Turns Her Son Into A Drag Queen

Instead of being outside playing sports with other kids, Ms. Jorge’s son was being converted into a drag queen.

His vocabulary has expanded to include words like “sashay,” “pumps” and “drag queen,” instead of “pump fake” and “drag route,” two sports terms.

Sadly, this type of emasculation of boys is very common.

No longer do we hear parents using, or yelling, phrases like “Boys don’t cry!” or “Dust yourself off and get back at it!” or “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you!” or “Toughen up!” No longer do parents laugh off, or ignore, phone calls from hyperventilating teachers, or principles, concerned about their son getting into a fight or wrestling with another boy on the playground during recess. Many schools do not even have playgrounds, or recess, any more.

RWC News Forget Baseball Or Football, Mom Turns Her Son Into A Drag Queen


Now, parents watch as their child cries in the middle of their game, hire a therapist to understand why their son loves toy guns so much or why he has so much energy.

Boys considered “too active” are termed hyper nowadays and immediately prescribed Ritalin or Adderall to make them docile and calm. The over prescription of ADHD drugs is rising for boys and girls, but one NBC news report found that boys are prescribed these drugs at over two and half times the rate of girls.

Young boys are being conditioned that they are always a winner, no matter if they worked hard, did anything special or won. Feelings and kindness trump production and competition.

No longer should kids compete, because feelings may get hurt is a spreading attitude across society. Kids play games where there is no winner and schools have eliminated the valedictorian.

The death of an “That’s just boys being boys!” attitude threatens the traditional, centuries tested rite of passage into manhood.

RWC News Forget Baseball Or Football, Mom Turns Her Son Into A Drag Queen

Classic, iconic tough guy, Clint Eastwood.

Long gone are the days of celebrating male tough guys. They are now replaced with doofus, out of shape male figures who cannot function without their wives, who are always portrayed as smarter, stronger and more accomplished.

From very popular shows like “Everybody loves Raymond,” “King of Queens,” “Modern Family,” and “The Big Bang Theory,” the immature, weak, unaccomplished male is in.

This has not only worked to reshape the image of what an adult man looks like, but it has also taught younger boys, and men, that aggression, drive, competition and desire are bad qualities.

Listening to males nowadays, they sound like they can speak a second language when they order their daily coffee from the newest, trendy coffee shop. Those same males cannot find the dipstick to check their oil, do not have the knowledge, or strength, to change a flat tire and many do not know what they want in life.

RWC News Forget Baseball Or Football, Mom Turns Her Son Into A Drag Queen

From John Wayne, James Dean and Clint Eastwood to this guy.

This drugging and weakening of the male spirit is showing up later in life when families used to be formed. Women are finding that the dating pool of eligible men who can provide for a family is much smaller, and the competition for the men who have survived the emasculation process is intense.

If men are not able to handle loss of a job, feel they are special simply for being able to tie their shoes and breathe, and do not have the drive to go after a woman, or a job they love, how can they be leaders of families? How can they even find a wife to start a happy family?

If young boys and men are no longer encouraged to use their imaginations, energy and rambunctiousness to be competitive, explorers and doers, America will lose 50% of what has made it a great and strong nation.

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