Former NFL Quarterback Speaks Out, Revealing Real Unknown Reason Kaepernick Is Unsigned

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RWC News Former NFL Quarterback Speaks Out, Revealing Real Unknown Reason Kaepernick Is Unsigned

A Former NFL Player Speaks Out On Why Kaepernick Is Unsigned.

Fans of the National Football League are often impatient during the summer months. There isn’t much activity going on, most of the free agents have already been signed and all then attention is on the highly touted rookies from the NFL draft.

However, there is still conversations about football, and they continue to center on how Colin Kaepernick is a free agent. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback was well known during the regular season due to his refusal to stand for the National Anthem. Liberals around the country believe that his inability to get a job is directly tied to his actions.

According to a former NFL quarterback, that isn’t the reason at all. Michael Vick was speaking to Jason Whitlock on FSN 1 and revealed that his inability to get a job “has nothing to do with him being blackballed” over his stance. Rather, it’s because the guy sucks at football.


Whitlock asked Vick about the Kaepernick situation, and his opinion on what is happening.

“Colin Kaepernick, for a different set of reasons, is having a hard time getting back into the NFL. He’s got some controversies surrounding him that has to do with his protest. What do you think about the way the NFL is treating Colin Kaepernick? Some people are saying he’s being blackballed, I happen to think that it’s about teams wanting their quarterback to be all in.”

Go to 8:37 of the video for the relevant content.

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This was when Vick dropped the hammer. He was supportive of Kaepernick’s protests, which he does say, but he ultimately says it’s not the reason that he is still looking for work.

Vick said, “It has nothing to do with him being blackballed. The gesture that he made last year when took the sn [sic] to do what he did. Listen, we all appreciated it. We respected it. And it was a good thing. I really think the stand that he took has nothing to do with not playing the National Football League, right now. And being frank, Colin didn’t have the best two years, his last two seasons. It wasn’t as productive as we’ve seen him do.”

Vick goes on to give a couple reasons why Kaepernick dropped off so rapidly, citing changes in coaches and players around him. However, his statistical drop off is impossible to ignore, which is what the liberals are doing. His career started on an exciting note, helping the 49ers advance deep into the playoffs several times, but then the bottom dropped out.

In 2015, Kaepernick’s was just awful, and that was most likely due to injury. He played in nine games, and threw for six touchdowns against five interceptions. However, he also had five fumbles. 2016 was a slight improvement, as he did throw for 16 touchdowns against four interceptions in 12 games.


RWC News Former NFL Quarterback Speaks Out, Revealing Real Unknown Reason Kaepernick Is Unsigned

Kaepernick Has Been Sacked An Awful Lot In His Career.

He also couldn’t hold onto the ball to save his life. Kaepernick recorded nine fumbles and lost a third of them. Combining the two years, Kaepernick had 22 touchdowns and nine interceptions, but 14 fumbles in 21 games. His inability to find the end zone is obvious, as San Francisco’s record was abysmal,  going 5-11 in 2015 and 2-14 last year.

That was a huge drop off compared to 2014, when he started all 16 games and had 19 touchdowns, but with 10 interceptions. In other words, this is part of a decline from the formerly exciting quarterback, as his total touchdowns have dropped every year since establishing a career high in 2013, with 21. That is coincidentally the last time the 49ers were in the playoffs.

At his peak, Kaepernick had 50 touchdowns in three years and took his team deep into the playoffs. However, the past two years he’s had less than half of that, and had been sacked a tremendous amount. Just in 2016, he was sacked 36 times.

In other words, the guy can’t win a football game if he’s too busy getting sacked or losing the ball. NFL teams want to be able to win games so they can go to the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. It’s hard to do that when a quarterback isn’t finding the end zone that often.

RWC News Former NFL Quarterback Speaks Out, Revealing Real Unknown Reason Kaepernick Is Unsigned


Kaepernick Can Hardly Win A Football Game, That’s Why Teams Don’t Want Him.

That is just common sense, but due to the position that Kaepernick took during the season, liberals are saying he can’t find a job because of his protests. The Washington Post was among the biggest advocates of that, saying he was receiving political backlash. Others have joined in, calling for the removal of the American flag. 

The statistics don’t lie, and it took a former NFL player to say that. However, the liberals are just going to keep complaining that Kaepernick has been treated unfairly, and it’s due to his stance in the league, even though he has proved how against the United States over the Fourth of July weekend. 

Teams don’t want to sign someone that isn’t going to help out their franchise reach the end goal. Kaepernick was once a solid quarterback, but his spot in the limelight has disappeared, and with it, his ability to play football.

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