Germany Finally Admits What The Refugees Have Done: “We Are In A State Of War”

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RWC News Germany Finally Admits What The Refugees Have Done: “We Are In A State Of War”

Europe is Under Siege by Radical Islamic Terrorists

Is it finally dawning on Europe’s Left-Wing Democrats that they are placing their countries in great danger?

The suffocating political correctness which has stifled Europe’s response to Islamic terrorism, may be coming to an end.

In one of the strongest signals yet that patience is growing thin, an interior minister from Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats party told media in no uncertain terms that the country was “at war” against radical Islamic terrorism.


Klaus Boullion, who serves in the Saarland Region, says that more policemen and better equipment are needed to help them fight the wave of terror attacks that has plagued the European nation.

“We are in a state of war,” the minister emphasized to a stunned press conference.

He said that with normal armaments, it’s difficult to stop terror attacks like those in Nice and Berlin which used large trucks. Boullion wants to see heavy equipment on the scene, and barricades around sensitive public events.

He also suggested increasing police authority during special events, and requiring that organizers provide more private security officers.


Public events in Germany have been making international headlines, but not the kind they are proud of.

Widespread outrage was triggered last year when it was reported that groups of male migrants from the Middle East and Africa were running gang attacks against young women.

The New Years Eve celebration in Cologne traditionally draws thousands of revelers to the cathedral square near the scenic riverbank on the Rhine. In 2015, what was once a fond national tradition was turned into an unforgettable nightmare.

RWC News Germany Finally Admits What The Refugees Have Done: “We Are In A State Of War”

New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany


A shocking 1200 women were sexually assaulted across Germany on that single night. The number includes 600 in Cologne and another 400 in Hamburg. It’s estimated that 2000 men took part in the crimes.

These numbers are larger than what many major American cities like Los Angeles see in an entire year.

The attackers were later shown to be nearly 100% migrants and asylum-seekers from Northern Africa. Many of them had arrived only days prior, and they were already assaulting the women of their generous host nation.

What surprised police was the coordinated nature of the attacks. Large groups of men would descend on young women, throwing firecrackers at them to herd them into position. As soon as the crowd was able to surround the women, the men would tear at their clothes and sexually grope them as the terrified women tried to escape.

The laughing migrants would box the girls in so that whichever way they turned, they only ran into more attackers.

RWC News Germany Finally Admits What The Refugees Have Done: “We Are In A State Of War”

Gang Tactics Used Against German Women

Many of the victims were robbed of their cell phones, purses, and other valuables during the assaults. And for some, the attacks went all the way to rape.

The local authorities shamefully tried to hide the extent of these crimes from the public. Due to the outrageous nature of the assaults, the news quickly went viral world wide. This forced a response from the timid government bureaucrats.

It was revealed that the Chief of Police only had 80 units on the scene, to control a crowd of thousands of rowdy fighting-aged migrant men. Young women who were being assaulted went unassisted, as their cries fell on deaf ears.

This year, they are planning a whole set of changes to protect the famous Cathedral square on NYE but no one can be sure what will happen. The idea of joining a small group of friends for an intimate house party is more appealing these days.

RWC News Germany Finally Admits What The Refugees Have Done: “We Are In A State Of War”

Protestors in Cologne With Sign: No Violence Against Women



The summer of 2016 was full of deadly attacks across Europe and the United States.

In early June, the deadliest mass-shooting in U.S. history killed 49 people at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub. The attack was waged by jihadi Omar Mateen, who told agents that he was acting in the name of ISIS.

A month later in Nice, France, a horrific truck rampage killed 86 revelers attending the city’s Bastille Day celebration on the promenade. The July 14 attack was committed by Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a Tunisian national living in France.

ISIS claimed responsibility for this attack, and French President Francois Hollande called it an act of Islamic terrorism. It was called a “situation of war” by French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Just a few days later, a terrorist attacked train passengers with an axe near Wurzburg, Germany, killing 1 and wounding 5. The deranged axe-murderer told police he had been inspired by ISIS.

Shortly after the train attack, a suicide bombing at a wine bar in Ansbach Germany claimed one life while injuring 12. The bomber had meant to kill many more.

On July 22, a lone gunman killed 9 victims and injured 16 others at a busy shopping mall in Munich. The killer, identified as an 18-year-old Iranian man, chased his victims shouting “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is great” in Arabic, as he shot them one by one.

In November, investigators closed in on a high-ranking German intelligence officer who had been plotting over the summer to blow up the agency headquarters in Cologne, “in the name of Allah”.

According to the Telegraph UK, online chats were found between the suspect and other Islamists in which he attempted to recruit them to the intelligence agency to mount an attack on “non-believers”, carrying out a bomb attack on the spy HQ.

The man’s family reportedly knew nothing of his conversion to Islam two years ago and subsequent radicalization.

And now we are still reeling from the terrifying truck attack against the Christmas Market on December 19th of this year. In that attack, a young asylum-seeker commandeered a truck and rammed his way through a crowded street fair with holiday festivities. The heinous attack killed a dozen people and left 48 in the hospital.

RWC News Germany Finally Admits What The Refugees Have Done: “We Are In A State Of War”

Germany’s Christmas Marred by Another Senseless Attack

In the wake of these high-profile terror attacks, the public is impatient with politicians who insist on making excuses for the radical jihadists pouring into their countries.

It’s about time to call it what it is: a war. How many more lives need be claimed before the sleepy politicians are forced to wake up to the reality they’ve inflicted on their people? All of these problems were unheard of before Germany flung its gates open to hordes of Islamic migrants.

The German opposition party, Alternative for Deutschland, has been making steady gains in the polls leading up to next year’s election. Their protest marches have been attended by thousands of ordinary Germans who are tired of living in fear.

The German press refers to them as “far-right”, but many of the street protestors have told interviewers that they usually vote left of center.

Similar to the choice Americans just made, the German people must make a life or death decision about the future of their country.

RWC News Germany Finally Admits What The Refugees Have Done: “We Are In A State Of War”

Frauke Petry, the Pretty New Face of Germany’s Conservatives

In 2017 they will decide whether to allow Chancellor Angela Merkel to continue appeasing militant Islam, or to support the AfD and stand up for Germany’s long-term interests, by voting for Frauke Petry.

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