Girl Of Three Forced To Trade Sex For Drugs As Revolting Truth Hits Florida

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RWC News Girl Of Three Forced To Trade Sex For Drugs As Revolting Truth Hits Florida

This mother allowed her daughter to be used by strange men from the ages of 3 to 13.

There are some vile deeds which rise to the surface and remain there. No matter how degenerate our society gets, no matter how low it sinks, there remain some acts that are so unholy and perverse that they live forever in infamy. That is the case of Kevin Wyatt, 49, in Frankin County, Florida, according to Blasting.

Along with his girlfriend, Celeste Chambers, 36, this “fugitive from nearby Gadsden County” is alleged to have “traded sex with an underage girl to dealers in exchange for drugs.” The age of the child has utterly sickened everyone in the entire state, for when this began, she was but three-years-old.

Worse still, the molesting went on for thirteen years, so in essence, this poor girl knows nothing else. For her, that is what life is.


RWC News Girl Of Three Forced To Trade Sex For Drugs As Revolting Truth Hits Florida

Wyatt (pictured) is said to have not only allowed his girlfriend’s daughter to be molested, but he often watched it as it happened.

Several months ago, the mother was arrested on charges including “sexual battery on a child, lewd or lascivious child molestation, and human trafficking by a parent or legal guardian” over her actions relating to this most twisted of cases.

In an even greater display of shock, Chambers was offered bond and actually got out from behind bars. Thankfully, she was again arrested and charged with “three counts of sexual assault and one count of cruelty to a child” and she is sitting in jail where she belongs.

According to information gleaned from probable cause affidavits, the “multi-jurisdictional investigation” got rolling when the girl had the opportunity to tell her tale. The child confessed that if she refused to service the man chosen for her, she was abused and beaten by the duo.


Wyatt is even said to have watched as strange men defiled the child, an act which has to be even more humiliating for the victim.

The mother and boyfriend team would offer the young girl out in return for drugs or fighting chickens, also. Thankfully, the child was removed from the custody of these two monsters and is living with relatives who did not know of the girl’s horrific living conditions.

RWC News Girl Of Three Forced To Trade Sex For Drugs As Revolting Truth Hits Florida

For far too many children, abuse is just a way of life.

She is in school and working to adjust to a normal, functional lifestyle after years of sexual, mental, and physical abuse.


If the proper home is given and if the child is really wanting to recover, she will. That is how the human spirit has always triumphed within the strong. Even still, those that led to the current state of this child should never again be allowed anywhere near a child.

Where they are headed, that is a certainty.

Source: Blasting

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I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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