GOP Leader Of Senate Tells Trump To Calm Down, Quit Expecting So Much From Them

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RWC News GOP Leader Of Senate Tells Trump To Calm Down, Quit Expecting So Much From Them

Senate Majority Leader McConnell Blames Trump for Healthcare Failure

Senator Mitch McConnell had the gall to criticize Trump for their struggles in both the House and Senate. This lazy Republican Majority Leader claimed that Trump’s early deadlines and misunderstandings about the way things work in Washington have led the GOP to look like failures. No Mr. McConnell, Trump is the only thing making the GOP look good.

The GOP and Republican Congressmen have had a bitter relationship with Trump since the campaign. The GOP put their best 16 candidates up to the plate and Trump defeated all of them with ease by campaigning on American values that seemed like common sense. Countless controversies and back stabbings took their toll as conservatives around the country saw just how much both the establishment Democrats and Republicans despised this man.

RWC News GOP Leader Of Senate Tells Trump To Calm Down, Quit Expecting So Much From Them

RINOs McCain, McConnell, and Graham have consistently betrayed the American People by giving in to Democrat demands


McConnell is no exception either as his lackadaisical approach to passing immigration reform and repealing the Affordable Care Act have left the GOP into the August Recess with almost nothing accomplished. His lame excuses consisting of “Trump’s trying to do too much,” or “This is not how things are usually done,” were the exact reasons he was elected. McConnell’s lack of work ethic shows why there needs to be term limits as well as a good swamp draining.

Republicans in name only (RINO) are more dangerous than Democrats because they preach values but fall in line with progressive bills and laws. RINOs like Paul Ryan, John McCain, McConnell, Murkowski, and Graham have made it clear that Trump’s agenda does not match their own as they stall and make excuses while Democrats are organized and their messages are clear. The Republicans and GOP need to step aside and let Trump’s agenda pass because they are only hurting those they represent by caving in to globalist demands.

RWC News GOP Leader Of Senate Tells Trump To Calm Down, Quit Expecting So Much From Them

Buddies McCain and Schumer show the American people that they are really on the same side

McConnell’s excuses for the lack of action taken by the Republicans are pathetic and are the exact reason the American people did not elect a Republican to office. They are lazy swamp creatures that are set in their corrupt ways with their corrupt agendas.  RINOs have been taking large amounts of cash and financing from corporations and organizations to do their bidding while lying to the people about wanting to repeal the Affordable Care Act. These excuses should show anyone that thinks Trump is to blame for the failure of the repeal that actions like these from Republican leaders are why the American people chose not to elect a Republican but an outsider.  


The American people want action taken against these corrupt and broken laws. They were written in secret and passed almost too quickly to tell what was in it. The ACA is just one of many laws passed that were designed to actually hurt Americans and put them into an impossible system for healthcare that would leave them dying if they did not fill the right form out. It is a system that is designed to cripple and debt anyone involved as someone with these kinds of medical debts will never be able to pay them off and those who do not need the services are forced to pay for them anyway.  

RWC News GOP Leader Of Senate Tells Trump To Calm Down, Quit Expecting So Much From Them

Political Cartoons like these show that the GOP has really been against the candidates the entire time

Mitch McConnell is one of the biggest snakes that Washington has to offer. His career in politics has made him a slimy swamp creature that makes deals with financiers to push their agendas ideals. He has been more worried about upsetting Senator Chuck Schumer than actually passing the American people’s agenda because McConnell and Schumer actually share the same agenda.  These deep state elected officials have spent so much time fixing the system for themselves that it has become nearly impossible to determine if someone is patriotic or a globalist. I for one would rather have as many patriots as possible because it seems that an international agenda is taking place to weaken ours laws and stability.

International factors have played into sedition and upheaval in the past as funding from around the globe helped to spread the good word of communism to every place possible. Funding from abroad has done wonders for communities in tyrannical or war torn countries because it is supposedly going to help spread the ideas of liberty and democracy. Instead, international funding only goes to either war-lords or dictators that keep the peace. International financing that pours into the United States goes to organizations or individuals to help advance non-American values such as Sharia Law, constraints on free speech, or even political violence.

The Internal Revenue System needs to do its job by actually stopping the funding that goes to anti-American values and researching the organizations and politicians who do the activist work so that Republicans like McConnell intentions and donors are made public.  

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