Government Workers Complain About New President, Trump Responds By Firing Them

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RWC News Government Workers Complain About New President, Trump Responds By Firing Them

Trump Intends To Cut Up To 20% Of Useless Government Jobs

A lot of voters have been fed up with government bloat for a long time. It seems that the number of state and federal employees just keeps growing exponentially higher year after year, while the results they produce range from non-existent to mediocre.

These jobs generally pay more than comparable private-sector jobs, and the benefits are off the charts. For every new government worker that is hired, taxpayers are on the hook for unlimited overtime, outrageous vacation and holiday schedules, and generous pension plans.

To make matters worse, it’s nearly impossible under union rules to fire lazy employees who shirk their duties.


RWC News Government Workers Complain About New President, Trump Responds By Firing Them

DMV Workers Are Infamous For Turning A Routine Procedure Into A Grueling Nightmare

The costs of these lavish benefits are so overwhelming that they threaten to bankrupt many formerly-wealthy democrat-controlled states. California is in precarious fiscal shape because of its generous public employee policies, and pension plan. Not to mention its massive welfare state, and all the highly-paid administrators that go along with that.

Nice work if you can get it, but most of us are stuck working jobs that have no safety nets beyond our next paychecks.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of government employees are life-long democrat voters. They typically don’t care about the health of our nation’s economy as much as their own comfortable sinecure. This is clear in the way that their unions constantly extort taxpayers for higher pay, under the threat of withholding vital services.


RWC News Government Workers Complain About New President, Trump Responds By Firing Them

Transit Strikes Open A Lot Of Eyes To The Absurdity Of Public Employee Unions

When Trump won the election on a wave of populist reform, public employees bristled. As Trump speaks of making our government run more efficiently, they understand that is code for clearing out the dead wood, and shutting down programs that have failed to produce tangible results.

They are motivated to fight back against threats to their meal tickets, and they threw everything they had at defeating Trump during the election season. Now that he is in, the fear is palpable.

The incoming president has already been making good on his campaign promises before he is sworn in. Major companies have been announcing the repatriation of American jobs and renewed investments in domestic manufacturing. While some of these plans were being discussed before the election, Trump’s vision for a business-friendly America takes a lot of credit for influencing these corporate decisions.


He has also been working on the border wall since the election. The Trump transition team is currently developing plans with the Army Corps of Engineers to get the wall project started as quickly as possible.

Another vow that President Trump is keeping is that to repeal and replace Obamacare. He’s had his people working diligently on a plan that can be executed almost immediately.

Trump is expected to sign up to five executive orders on his very first day in office. The democrats aren’t sure exactly what he will do, and they are very obviously worried.

It looks like for the first time in many cycles, America will have a president who doesn’t go around making idle promises that are never fulfilled. When Trump says he’s going to do something, he rarely fails to deliver. And so, liberals are desperately poring through Trump’s campaign promises to find clues to which orders he will roll out.

Of particular concern to left-wing public employees and their union bosses, is Trump’s promise to slash the size of government.

RWC News Government Workers Complain About New President, Trump Responds By Firing Them


Some Of The Most Overpaid Workers In The State Of CA, Demanding Even More

He has assembled a team to work specifically on trimming waste from the federal budget, and this involves making a lot of cuts to the massive bureaucracies formed under Obama.

Many heads will roll, at government offices across the nation. And while some won’t deserve to lose their jobs, most will. After all, our country just keeps getting worse and worse by every conceivable metric, so why should the people who got us here be rewarded with continued employment?

Our k-12 school rankings are in the dumps. Ease of starting a business ranks below many third world countries. Universities are doing such an awful job that technology companies claim they are forced to import Indian workers because Americans aren’t smart enough. The homeless population has continued to grow. Border enforcement is practically non-existent. Poverty is just as bad as it was 50 years ago. And 2/3 of Americans don’t participate in the workforce.

That’s not a very good report card for government workers. As voters have seen that throwing more money at our problems has done little to solve them, the era of Big Government comes to an end.

The proposed cuts by Trump’s slash-and-burn team of “efficiency experts” would target discretionary spending rather than mandated programs like Medicare and Social Security. He’s not about to cut off any of the services that people depend on for survival. But there is so much waste in government right now, that finding places to make deep cuts should prove easy without touching the more popular programs.

With the money saved in the cuts, which team members say could go as high as 20% of personnel, Trump will build the border wall, strengthen our military, and introduce tax cuts designed to spur industrial investment.

Many of the cuts will be made by attrition, through hiring freezes and gradual phase-outs. This approach helps avoid a sudden shock to our labor market, and it gives affected employees more time for planning.

It’s never good news to hear about any Americans losing their jobs, but in the case of useless government employees, it’s difficult to summon much sympathy for them.

The reasons for this are simple. When they had a chance to earn their generous paychecks by doing good work for the American people, many of them chose instead to loaf and slack off.

When they were given the chance to support the first explicitly pro-American presidential candidate since Reagan, they chose instead to throw their massive support behind globalist Hillary Clinton.

And when they had the chance to serve ALL Americans regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or religion, they chose to purposely single out White Christian males for denigration and discrimination.

So, many Americans who are tired of getting the short end of the stick will cheer Trump every step of the way as he ejects a fifth of our cumbersome federal baggage. His biggest opposition will be the powerful labor unions that have a stranglehold on our public jobs. But they are fighting a losing battle, because they already lost the hearts and minds of average Americans quite some years ago.Save

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