Guess What This Christian and Patriotic Teacher was Suspended For?

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If you are a teacher who happens to be a Christian, conservative and patriotic and you teach in the public school system, you have no 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech or religion, even when you are away from school on your own personal time!

Hundreds of teachers are allowed to walk into classrooms and berate Christian students and even blaspheme against God and Jesus. We know of one teacher who opened up his class on the very day of school and asked how many students were Christians. He had them raise their hands. Then he boasted that by the end of his class, none of them would still believe in such archaic and absurd superstitions. When reported to school officials, nothing was done.

In another instance that we are personally aware of, a student objected to a lesson that would cause her to violate her Christian faith. In class, in front of all the other students, the teacher went ballistic and spent over 5 minutes shouting at the girl, calling her all kinds of names and completely humiliating her in front of all the other students. The girl was in tears. When her parents confronted the teacher, he told them there is no room in this world for such nonsense and that she belonged in some private school that coddled to stupid people. The parents went to school officials who stood by the teacher and told them that was the teacher’s right and that perhaps their precious little daughter would be better off in a private school. The parents ended up homeschooling her since they could not afford a private school. We found out later that the girl did better under home schooling and was awarded with an academic scholarship to a prestigious university.

On the college level, it can be even worse. A good friend and former co-worker was pursuing a college degree in geology at a major secular university. His advisor, who was also teaching the freshman class on geology announced to the entire class that any creationists should withdraw from his class now as he will not pass them or allow them to graduate with a geology degree because of their faith. Our friend kept his faith hidden and managed to graduate.

In another instance, a friend attended a major university where he received his Ph.D. in geology. His work involved a revolutionary theory and proof of the formation of coal. After he received his doctorate degree, the school learned that he was a young-earth creationist and they actually tried to rescind his degree, but failed.

On the other side of the table, allow any teacher to say anything against any other religion, such as Islam and they are quickly reprimanded and subject to losing their job, even if what they said was away from school on their own personal time. Let them say anything against homosexuality and the same thing happens, as in the case of James Bretney, a teacher at the Sterling Aviation High School in Houston, Texas.

Bretney is a Christian and loyal patriot to America. On his own time, on his own Twitter account, he tweeted various statements, expressing his views:

“Islam is not welcome in the USA.”

“Your religion is cancer.”

“Love Jesus or go to hell.”

“Embrace Islam and you embrace death.”

The Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) saw his posts, found out who he was and complained to the school. Bretney has subsequently been suspended from his teaching job. When interviewed by the media, he said:

“This is the problem. We are in a spiritual conflict with Islam. We are in a clash of civilizations with Islam.”

“I’ll tell you this, I’m not backing down, I’m a free American man.”

“This ideology is one that should concern every American.”

CAIR has been linked on more than one occasion to Islamic extremists and terrorists. Now they are actively invading our public schools. They are currently working with schools in San Diego to teach students about Islam, when no one is allowed to come into the schools to teach about Christianity or Judaism. A spokesman for CAIR said they are communicating with the school to correct the alleged wrong. Their goal is to silence all criticism of their religion of hate and blood.

We applaud Mr. Bretney for standing up for his 1st Amendment rights of freedom of speech and religion. More Christians and patriots need to also stand strong for their rights and stop the insidious leftists from stripping them away from us and from further destroying our nation.

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Eruoy Diputs
I recently started reporting for RWC News in August 2016

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  1. CAIR was not the first to be offended by and bring light to Mr. Bretney’s online harassment of Muslims, among others. Over 70,000 twitter users supported the Muslim American citizen Bretney attacked online, and many wrote letters and email to his employers. Most of these people are not Muslim, simply other Americans who define patriotism as accepting our fellow Americans regardless of their national origin or religion. Mr. Bretney also posted this video which is horrendously offensive towards women, rape, and homosexuals. So before you promote this story as an attack on Christianity, know that a great number of Christians (among others) spoke out against Bretney’s bigotry long before CAIR became involved. The issue is not an imaginary Muslim plot to eradicate Christian’s nor is it freedom of speech. The first amendment only guarantees a person cannot be arrested for what they say. It does not provide any other protection. People like Bretney are free to say what they want, but also must accept the consequences of what they choose to say. The real issue is that Mr. Bretney is a teacher, and may have students that are Muslim and/or female and/or homosexual. The problem is that it’s very hard to imagine how those students would receive equal treatment from Bretney when he harbors such hateful feelings towards these groups. The problem is that students look up to teachers, may check him out online, and be lead to his video where they are told women are being raped because that are immodest. The problem is that the Muslim Bretney attacked online is a well-educated, contributing AMERICAN CITIZEN, who himself asked that Bretney not be fired, despite the harassment he received from the man. He exhibited class and kindness in response to Bretney’s hate and intolerance. He should be an equal part of any real news article claiming to report accurately .

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