Hilarious Satirical World Map Shows How the Rest of World Sees Your Country

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Have you ever wondered how other countries view your country? I know I have, and these satirical maps will show you the world according to other countries!

These info-graphics show you how other countries view the rest of the world. They were designed by London based Yanko Tsvetkov released them on his website, alphadesigner.com. We too often think of things from a one sided point of view! It’s rather comedic to see how the world is viewed from other places besides the United States – and yes, we’re more than just Texas.

In his maps, Yanko Tsvetkov displays political borders, statistics, and other funny essences of social, cultural, and political stereotypes. We have gotten way too serious in the past decade, and we need to learn how to just sit back and have a laugh. Our world is so complicated these days we forget about what is really important – life itself. There’s so much more to life than stereotypes and what country is the best! Just sit back and have a laugh at these compiled stereotypes on a map. It’s rather chuckling.

RWC News Hilarious Satirical World Map Shows How the Rest of World Sees Your Country

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Shelby Maydfunov
I have been reporting for RWC News for 2 years now. I am the daughter of parents legally immigrated here from Russia 41 years ago. I am 27 years old.

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