House Dems Dismiss Woman’s Charge Against Islamic Gov. Staffer, Claiming She’s Islamophobic

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RWC News House Dems Dismiss Woman’s Charge Against Islamic Gov. Staffer, Claiming She’s Islamophobic

Congressman Meeks claims that suspicions of a criminal Pakistani family are a byproduct of Islamophobia.

The plague of illogical and blinding political correctness is pervasive and thriving in the United States House of Representatives. This set of value judgments and thought processes have resulted in an assault on free speech, infringed on the use of logic and reason, and hindered the public discourse. Those on the right suggest that this type of unwillingness to call things as they are can even be dangerous and potentially harmful to the citizenry. The left laughs and scoffs and throws out names like idiot and bigot.

Today there is an example of political correctness carried out to an extent that almost amounts to criminal negligence.

Congressman Gregory Meeks, who hails from New York, dismissed charges brought up against two of his staffers. He states that he didn’t want to appear to engage in Islamophobia. Four of Meeks staffers are, a husband and wife, Imran Awan and Hina Alvi, and Imran’s cousins. The two cousins are IT professionals. They are all. It would be hard for someone to be accused of Islamophobia, especially considering that this group of people have been working for the DNC since 2005. They are, in fact, considered personal friends of Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who initially hired the couple and their brothers. So, after such a strong relationship with the DNC and with the Congressman, how could one rationally fear being construed as a proponent of Islamophobia?


Now we turn to what these people are accused of doing. Politco reported that these two IT professionals contracted by the DNC are accused of elder abuse of their stepmother, Samina, who doesn’t speak English.

The brother’s father was in a hospital undergoing cancer treatment, which eventually failed, leaving Samina a widow. Leading up to their father’s death, the brothers refused to allow Samina to see her husband. They purposefully kept her ignorant of progress or regress of her husband’s health. They didn’t even allow Samina to see her husband Muhammad before he died.

RWC News House Dems Dismiss Woman’s Charge Against Islamic Gov. Staffer, Claiming She’s Islamophobic

Imran Awan, accused of elder abuse, forced coercion, insurance fraud, and, perhaps, espionage.

Preceding and after Mohammad’s death, the brothers’ forced their stepmother to stay home. They later threatened her, saying that they were surveilling her. They then stole their father’s property and went back to Pakistan with their father’s body. Once there they called and pressured Samina into giving them power of attorney that would give them access to their father’s savings. Moreover, the life insurance policy of Muhammad was changed to Abid’s name days before. The house Samina lived in would also go to Abid.


Now, family spats are family spats. There were police reports filed because the behavior of these brothers towards their step-mother verges on elder abuse. Now it is clear that stepping forward and saying something, or firing these two men for being bad, morally corrupt people, would make sense. In no way would this be, by any stretch of the imagination qualify as Islamophobia.

So there are two things that can be going on: a liberal is being irrationally politically correct (which is totally possible) or this claim of Islamophobia-phobia is simply an excuse that is meant to distract from what is really happening.

The Daily Caller has reported that a person close to the family has come forth out of fear that Congress is not taking these people as serious threats. They stated, “I am fighting to protect the country. These are very bad people.”

This person seems more concerned than a family spat, even an ugly one like this, warrants. This is not to downplay the moral corruption of the brothers’ actions. Threatening surveillance, preventing their stepmother from seeing her dying husband, forcing her to stay in her home, and coercing her into signing away that which she was legally left. These are the actions of morally corrupt people. They are not morally corrupt because they are, but because at face value. We should all be worried that there are people of this caliber that are employed by our political parties and our government.


This on its face is valid concern. However, after some digging, reporters were able to find more information on the origin of this family contingent that brings up a lot of questions.

It has been reported that when Abid was hired by Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, his brothers and their wives soon appeared on the payroll of the DNC. Jamal, one of Abid’s brothers, was only 20 years old when he was given his position. In recent years the family had been paid to the tune of four-million dollars. Also at this point it has been found that Abid and his wife were running a car dealership that they were able to secure with a loan from an Iraqi politician who is currently wanted by the Department of Justice, Dr. Ali Al-Attar. The loan was never paid back. They also didn’t pay their vendors. When they were threatened with a lawsuit, a check from Florida Representative Theodore Deutch appeared to resolve the issue. They then declared bankruptcy and millions of dollars in losses. The corporation was called Cars International A, or: CIA.

RWC News House Dems Dismiss Woman’s Charge Against Islamic Gov. Staffer, Claiming She’s Islamophobic

Congressman Deutch, from Florida, paid back a loan that Imran Awan could not pay back to suspected terrorist abettor Dr. Ali Al-Attar.

Things get weirder. These staff members, who, again, worked IT, were given access to high clearance-level information in their capacity as DNC and congressional employees. A former House central IT staffer also came forward and stated that Imran pressured him to obtain access to a system that would allow access to any file on that member’s computer, which include national security and other classified and confidential documents.

So, essentially, this family unit was on the congressional payroll, in a position that gave them access to valuable information, while at the same time receiving loans from suspected associates of Hezbollah and current fugitives of the United States Department of Justice. Moreover, they are suspected of insurance fraud and elder abuse. But in the eyes of Congressman Meeks and disgraced former Chairman of the DNC Debbie Wasserman-Shultz to be suspicious of them is to promote and propagate Islamophobia.

RWC News House Dems Dismiss Woman’s Charge Against Islamic Gov. Staffer, Claiming She’s Islamophobic

Disgraced former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz finds herself embroiled in another controversy.

These Congressman are either so deluded in their politically correct thought process as to not see what is going on, or they are criminal abettors. This situation is certainly not resolved, as some members of the family have been reassigned by Wasserman-Shultz so that they can continue to work, though the Capitol Police have banned them from premises of Congress. Criminal investigations will most certainly be moving forward and it remains to be seen how the Sessions Department of Justice will proceed. Certainly, something here stinks, and the falsely attributed labels of bigot and Islamophobia don’t fly when serious questions are asked and charges are pursued. There is now a serious question as to whether the DNC was hacked by this renegade group that was handed access to server.

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