How Carl Jung Used Mandalas to Diagnose and Treat His Patients

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Healing can mean a multitude of different things and there are many different methods of healing too. Whether you’re going to the physician or seeing a natural herbalist, these are both very common methods of healing – but they might not be the most effective.

In life, we all aspire to obtain the same basis of things: good health, love, financial stability, positive relationships, and peak mental performance. All in all, these things are what makes up the idea of ‘Good Health’. However, healthcare these days is nothing like it should be. If you open your eyes it will not take long for you to realize that prescription drugs, over the counter medications, and doctor’s visits are all schematics for making someone rich – and it just makes you sicker. It’s not rocket science either – it’s basic business logistics. Less sick people equals less money for them, thus nobody wants to cure disease we just want to keep putting expensive band-aids over them. But, as there is a growing awareness of holistic healing, many people are giving up the drugs and seeking other methods of treatment – like yoga, essential oils, or meditation. Things that actually make a difference in how we feel.

One of the worst and hardest ailments to treat are the ones inflicting the mind. Personality and mood disorders are increasingly common, and it’s likely to be just another way to make big pharma money. The truth is, you don’t need Zoloft or Prozac to be happy in your own body. All you need is a little self-love and according to Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung, all you need is just need a mandala!

RWC News How Carl Jung Used Mandalas to Diagnose and Treat His Patients

A mandala is a circular design that reflects the wholeness of the one creating it. It is a psychological expression of the totality of the self, according to Psychological master Carl Jung. One scientific review of mandalas revealed that psychology and child development suggests that circles are part of the fundamental structuring the self – your entire identity. Babies are born with the desire to look at circles, and studies even show children younger than 5 years old subconsciously choose to admire circular shapes as opposed to angular ones.

Carl Jung uses mandalas in his psychotherapy by getting patients to draw their own mandalas with no previous knowledge of what it is for. It allowed him to clearly identify the personality and psychological state of the patient just by admiring their creations. Amidst the interconnectedness of all things and the universe, there is a certainly sacred geometry that makes up time and space as we know it. Mandalas can be used to guide a person to tune into their intuition and even connect to a higher self. It allows for people to dive deep into their subconscious and purge the emotions they never knew they had. It can be completely life-changing, and perhaps one of the easiest holistic healing methods there are.

If you want to dive into the depths of your subconscious mind and attempt at identifying your true psychological state, try drawing some beautiful mandalas. It can be a great way to truly get to know yourself and heal along the way. Plus, it’s always fun to break out the colored pencils and get your inner-creativity flowing! Watch the video below to learn how to do so!

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