Iran Televises Missile Launch Ending in Fireball, Now We Know the Humiliating Truth

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The nation of Iran has just taken “fake” to a whole new level.

On Friday, the country’s state-run media network boasted about a supposedly new and powerful ballistic missile, and published video of the terrifying weapon.

There’s just one minor problem: The is false, and Iran apparently used a seven-month old video to push the fake story.

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To add insult to injury, the actual missile shown in the original, outdated video exploded not long after liftoff back in January.

According to Fox, the now debunked was posted by “Press TV” — a propaganda wing of the Iranian government that no doubt also includes the Department of Redundancy Department.

RWC News Iran Televises Missile Launch Ending in Fireball, Now We Know the Humiliating Truth

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“Iran has released footage of the successful test-launch of its new ballistic missile, Khorramshahr, a few hours after it was unveiled during a military parade in the capital city of Tehran,” the country falsely claimed over the weekend. Accompanying the report was the months-old video with the explosion conveniently edited out.

The actual launch was a new missile designed to travel around 2,000 miles. However, that test fell far short of its target range.

“At the time, Iran was attempting to launch its new Khorramshahr medium-range ballistic missile for the first time. It flew 600 miles before exploding, in a failed test of a reentry vehicle, officials said at the time,” Fox explained.

It’s a special kind of incompetence to not only lie about a missile test, but to then include a seven-month old video of a failed missile and hope that nobody notices.

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While it’s easy to laugh at these kinds of propaganda bungles, it’s also important to remember that the nation does have a history of warfare that should be taken seriously… or at least, semi-seriously.

Already, Iranian weapons are being used to threaten America’s allies.

The country is “supplying proxies such as Hezbollah and Syria’s al-Assad regime with a steady supply of missiles and rockets” and “likely supplying Houthi rebel groups with short-range missiles in the ongoing conflict in Yemen,” the Center for Strategic and International Studies reported.

At the same time, the country is blatantly breaking its weapons agreements and ignoring repeated warnings from the United Nations.

Like a cornered animal, a rogue nation like Iran could actually be more dangerous when it is frustrated… and there’s no doubt that poorly falsifying missile tests is a sign that the regime is desperate to stay relevant in a world that is leaving it behind.

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