Is This Shoe Pink and White, or Blue and Gray?

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The debate of a lifetime has erupted on social media over the true colors of a shoe. Yes, a shoe.

According to The Guardian, it started on the afternoon of Oct. 11, when a woman posted a photo of a shoe to Twitter and asked, “What color is this?”

Simple question with a simple answer, right? Wrong.

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Check out her tweet below or access it directly here:

RWC News Is This Shoe Pink and White, or Blue and Gray?

I see it as light blue and gray, but a whole lot of people disagree. According to them, the shoe is in fact pink and white. Say what!? But what could possibly explain these two entirely different outlooks?

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Speaking with USA Today two years ago — around the time a debate erupted over the true colors of a dress — American University professor Arthur Shapiro noted that it’s all about perception.

“Individual wavelengths don’t have color; it’s how our brains interpret the wavelengths that create color,” he said. “In the case of the dress, some of us interpret those wavelengths to be blue and black, and others interpret the wavelengths as white and gold.”

“In reality, it’s light coming off of the computer screen, and then our brain interprets it and those interpretations can differ,” he added.

Check out the dress below, or view the original source here:

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RWC News Is This Shoe Pink and White, or Blue and Gray?

Dovetailing back to the shoe, I still see it as light blue and gray, but according to the “Today” show, I’m quite wrong.

Watch the video below to discover its real colors:

[embedded content]

It’s pink and white and can be seen in its original form here, though just for the record, I still see light blue and gray!

Like Shapiro said, though, it’s all about perception.

Perception is also why no matter how much we conservatives argue the facts, most liberals will alwaysperceive things differently.

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