“Islam Is A Part Of Germany”: Merkel Issues INSANE Statement As Muslims Celebrate

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RWC News “Islam Is A Part Of Germany”: Merkel Issues INSANE Statement As Muslims Celebrate

Merkel changes history by claiming that Islam is a part of Germany

Germany is being lead down a one way path to destruction by their incompetent and corrupted leader. Chancellor Angela Merkel has relentlessly demanded that Germans and Europeans alike open their doors to complete strangers who hate European values and only want social benefits.

Muslims have arrived in the hundreds of thousands to European shores and will soon be a massive political demographic that will be key demographic in European democracies. Now Merkel has made it clear to the Germans that Islam is the new culture by viciously stating that Islam has always been a part of Germany.

It is incredibly odd to imagine how a European state could have any history associated with anything positive about Islam. Europe is the hope of liberty and the freedom of thought whereas Islam represents the opposite and backwards past that Europe seeks to avoid. Europe has been scarred and torn apart from religious wars and militant groups seeking power but they managed to distance themselves from governing at the will of the church.


RWC News “Islam Is A Part Of Germany”: Merkel Issues INSANE Statement As Muslims Celebrate

Images like these are now common in Germany as many in the nation declare their love for other nations and still oppose Germany culture and their way of life

Islam has not gone through any such development as the literal words of a medieval illiterate are taken literally and applied to the daily lives of Muslims. It is a completely separate culture that is everything that Europeans hope to avoid. Islam condones polygamy, which naturally places women below men in society as well as the marriage to children. Europe has nothing to gain from a medieval religion that encourages its followers to kill non-believers.

Not only is the killing of non-believers accepted and practiced, but Muslims are encouraged to attack victims sexually as well. Non-believers are not people in the eyes of Muslims and so it is not immoral to carry out sexual attacks such as rape or harassment against non-Muslims. This kind of “cultural enrichment” is already being seen as Western European countries are becoming plagued with cases involving migrants carrying out brutal sexual attacks against European women.

The fact that Merkel is so bold in stating that Islam is a part of Germany just shows that she is blatantly bought and paid for by Islamic interests. These international financiers and organizations have ensured that Islam is not only going to be accepted in Germany but to reign supreme in terms of law of the land. As hate speech laws became more and more vague over several decades of political correctness appeasement, even criticizing Islam in public has become a dangerous offense for many Germans.


RWC News “Islam Is A Part Of Germany”: Merkel Issues INSANE Statement As Muslims Celebrate

Cartoons like this show the favoritism that Islam gets from liberals and globalists, while they condemn others for having faith.

German streets do not even resemble Germany any more as videos showing cities across German have surfaced showing more Turkish flags than German flags. Turkey did not go through a civil war nor has the United Nations found their leader to be a brutal dictator, yet, like they did with Assad.

The fact that there are so many Turkish people in German towns proudly choosing their former nation over their host nation shows that these migrants have no interest in being German. Unfortunately, the German people who are proud of their culture and heritage are being systematically oppressed by their own government and are being forced aside in favor of migrants.

These are a people with a rich a full history and they are now being subjected to living like political prisoners. They go to work everyday to produce goods and pay their taxes while Muslims who hate their country and values collect the benefits. It is hard to imagine what can give an average German hope anymore as their country continues to sell them out to the highest bidders.


RWC News “Islam Is A Part Of Germany”: Merkel Issues INSANE Statement As Muslims Celebrate

It’s plain to see that Islam operates politically under the guise of a religion. They already have their own laws that they simply want to push and dominate onto others.

Political Islam is a very real and very dangerous threat to democracies around the globe. International interests focus on politicians and political groups to carry out their messages of globalism and Islamic tolerance so that they can slowly gain more voters, power, and funding.

Eventually the movements become so large and big that there will soon be politicians and members of parliament calling openly calling for more and more Sharia laws to be incorporated into the daily lives of Germans.

So which is it Merkel? Is Islam a part of German culture because it has always been practiced in Germany to marry children or kill homosexuals? Leaders like Merkel are attempting to erase the history of their nation’s because they historically oppose such brutal and barbaric practices that are tolerated and encouraged in Islam.

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