Islam Makes It To The Eiffel Tower As Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Storms Tourists

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RWC News Islam Makes It To The Eiffel Tower As Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Storms Tourists

Police are patrolling the area around the Eiffel Tower after a crazed brandished a knife Saturday night with the intent to kill a “soldier.”

France is in a state of internal war. Years of migration by radical Islamists has transformed the country and now, natives live under a siege. France remains under a state of emergency since the 2015 terror attacks crippled Paris. When a coordinated effort struck down 130 people in November, people finally began to understand the threat they’re living with daily. A total of 239 people have been slaughtered by Muslims in the country in the past two years.

In the most recent example of living with the enemy, a military age man in Paris caused a disruption late Saturday night at the Eiffel Tower. Wielding a knife and shouting “Allah Akbar,” the attempted jihadist from Mauritania stormed the monument looking for a victim.

Fortunately, the man was quickly surrounded by security forces that guard the tower. The French citizen was reported to be mentally unstable. He had been released from a health facility last month, and originally officials said that the investigation was being treated as a common criminal act, not terrorism.


RWC News Islam Makes It To The Eiffel Tower As Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Storms Tourists

Fortunately, police surrounded and subdued the attacker before he could harm anyone.

However, it wasn’t a simple case of mental illness. The man is connected to terrorism in Europe.

Even after experiencing so much death at the hands of radical Muslims, the open society in France refuses to accept reality. Social justice ideology has done its job well. Despite the evidence, authorities were treating the incident as a regular crime.

It’s difficult for many Americans to understand the European acceptance of such violent co-habitants. The coordinated attack in 2015 left a slew of bodies in the streets, and yet, the only action authorities have taken is to increase security at major monuments and destinations.


It wasn’t that long ago that Jewish graves were being desecrated in the country. A few weeks after masked gunmen opened fire on the Paris offices of satire news journalist Charlie Hebdo, over 200 Jewish graves were vandalized. The jihadists murdered 12 people before fleeing.

People without the most basic respect for the men who died freeing Europe from the talon grip of the totalitarian rule of Hitler, desecrated Normandy memorials. “The anti-Semitic connotations and motives of their behavior are clearly apparent,” said state prosecutor Philippe Vannier.

RWC News Islam Makes It To The Eiffel Tower As Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Storms Tourists

Dozens of witnesses saw the knife-wielding Islamist storm the area under the famous landmark.

“They can be seen in gestures and statements the teenagers made, gestures that included Nazi salutes,” he added. Indeed, the anti-Semitism that has accompanied the arrival of so many radical Muslims has led Benjamin Netanyahu to call for Jews to return to Israel for safety.


However, these aren’t the only signs that France has basically surrendered to rule. Newsweekreported in 2005, “According to research conducted by the government’s domestic intelligence network, the Renseignements Generaux, French police would not venture without major reinforcements into some 150 ‘no-go zones’ around the country.”

The result of this take over has been increasing violence, especially in Paris where large numbers of communities exist.


The Gatestone Institute has complied a detailed research report on the number of sharia controlled areas in Europe. There is a parallel society in France. One that follows Western ideals and another growing one that adheres to sharia.

So naturally, major media outlets were quick to report the psychiatric problems of the individual and the fact that it wasn’t a terror event. However, new information, which has been ignored by the Associated Press, has exposed that dissimulation.

The downplay hasn’t worked. French authorities admitted on Sunday that the man’s statements confirm that he has been in touch with a member of the Islamic State group. That person encouraged the attacker to harm a “soldier.”

The official who explained the new evidence said that as a result, the case has been transferred to the counterterrorism prosecutors.

RWC News Islam Makes It To The Eiffel Tower As Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Storms Tourists

Increased security at all major monuments has been issued to deal with the growing threat of jihad.

The man tried to force his way into a secure zone beneath the tower, which was lighted in the colors of the Paris-Saint Germain soccer club, welcoming star Brazilian striker Neymar to the team.

No shots were fired as Paris police subdued the potential terrorist, and he is now being investigated for involvement in a terrorist enterprise and a terrorism-related attack on security forces. Given the number of jihadists in Paris, the man’s radicalization is not surprising.

It’s interesting that officials don’t connect the man’s mental problems with his religious beliefs. In Western societies (before social justice fascists took over), unprovoked murder and suicide were considered signs of insanity.

However, it’s hardly politically correct to call an entire religion crazy, so the attacks in Paris and France will continue, and continue to be reported as isolated events.

As the steady stream of “migrants” continue to pour into the country, it’s logical to assume that the rest of the world is watching the slow, tragic death of an artistic, beautiful culture that has existed for centuries.

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