“It’s Really Akin To Rape,” Watch Bruce Bartlett’s Insane Rant About GOP Tax Cuts

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RWC News “It’s Really Akin To Rape,” Watch Bruce Bartlett’s Insane Rant About GOP Tax Cuts

Democrats really hate tax cuts. So much so that one MSNBC guest Bruce Bartlet, a former advisor to Raegan, compared the tax cuts to rape and host Joy Reid said nothing to counter.

“What would be the justification in your mind that Republicans would have for raising taxes on lower income people? Because, they, you know, they spend all of their income, so why raise taxes on them?” asked Reid.

“It really defies comprehension. Maybe they think that the poor have it so easy that they need to have to pay more taxes to force them to go out and work more. It really– the amazing thing is that people seem to be accepting this so meekly and mildly. It’s really akin to rape. It really is,” said Bartlet.

Absolutely insane. It wasn’t the only insane thing that came out of Joy Reid’s show. She had another guest compare Trump to the head of the American Nazi Party.

“By the way, I am being a little cruel about Donald Trump. I think we should give him–cut him a little bit of slack. There has been some discussion here that had been constantly saying that he hoped to be revered as a leader like Lincoln. And I can say now that it is going to be the case, he is like Lincoln. Lincoln Rockwell, the founder and leader of the American Nazi Party, mercifully no longer with us,” said guest Martin Lewis. Check out the videos below.

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