Jackie Mason Crushes “Phony F*ck” Liberals For Caring About Weinstein But Not Bill Clinton

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RWC News Jackie Mason Crushes “Phony F*ck” Liberals For Caring About Weinstein But Not Bill Clinton

Comic legend Jackie Mason crushes liberals who are getting so worked up over Harvey Weinstein, but are ignoring everything that Bill Clinton has done.

“What did [Weinstein] do? Someone would think that he killed more people in an hour than was ever destroyed in the whole universe!. It turned out that he did whatBill Clinton did, and made Bill Clinton the most popular man in America!” said Weinstein.

Bill Clinton became a sensation all over the world, and Weinstein is wiped out in three days. Can’t even get a job cleaning a toilet now. You know why? Because all he did was imitate Bill Clinton,” said Weinstein.

“It was the most horrible thing in the world, especially to Hillary Clinton. When Bill Clinton attacked women, it was a right-wing conspiracy. When Weinstein attacked women, she was stupefied. For five days, they kept asking her about it, and she couldn’t even mention it, it was too horrible to even talk about. And then when she finally talked about it, she condemned him as the lowest pig in the world,” said Mason.

He then attacked Hollywood celebrities who let Harvey Weinstein get away with this but acted so horrified by Trump. “And these are the do-gooders who were so hurt and nauseous when they found out that Trump said a dirty word or said something vulgar about a woman, and all of a sudden they wanted to leave the country. If he becomes president, they’ll leave America. They’ll leave the universe. It’s not even worth living in the world after Trump did this. Did what? Nothing compared to a filthy pig like this. In plain English, you know what they are? They are phony f*cks. And I say this with the highest respect,” he said.

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