Jake Tapper Attacks Sean Hannity For ‘Defending’ Roy Moore, He Apologizes After Hannity’s Brutal Response

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RWC News Jake Tapper Attacks Sean Hannity For ‘Defending’ Roy Moore, He Apologizes After Hannity’s Brutal Response

CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to attack Sean Hannity for an out of context quote. This is a normal CNN move, but Hannity wasn’t willing to take it. He hit back against Jake Tapper so hard that he actually apologized.

It was a second of brief cross talk. Hannity made it clear that he was highly opposed to Roy Moore if the allegations are true. But in that one second it sounded like Hannity was saying that you can consent when you are 14. Jake Tapper jumped on this.

“Legally, one cannot give consent if one is underage,” tweeted Tapper at Hannity. “Fake Jake, LISTEN TO MY COMMENTS ALL DAY. TYPICAL MMFA LAZY HACK. CNN FAKE NEWS,” responded Hannity. Hannity then said on his show that “those on the left” are taking him out of context and Roy Moore’s alleged actions are “beyond reprehensible, beyond disgusting, and beyond shameful.” Hannity made it clear when he was talking about ‘consent’ he was talking about the 18-year-old.

“I’m going to do take Hannity at his word and assume he was not referring to the 14 year girl old incident as “consensual” but rather the 17/18 year old girls. The crosstalk was confusing but no reason to believe the worst. For that reason, I’m deleting the tweets. I don’t watch your show but it’s good that you admitted you misspoke about “consensual” sexual contact with 14 year old girl. For that reason, I deleted the tweets. We agree that if the charges are true, it’s horrifying,” wrote Tapper.

“I honestly appreciate you pulling down those tweets. No hard feelings. I’ll do the same for you. All my best Sean,” replied Hannity. Check Hannity’s response video below.

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