Judge Ditches Court To Hire Prostitutes For Adult Party With Bailiff

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RWC News Judge Ditches Court To Hire Prostitutes For Adult Party With Bailiff

Hillary Green, elected Texas Judge, suspended for drug use, hiring prostitutes, and being inebriated on the bench.

In Texas everything is bigger, even judicial corruption. One judge is in over her head in a freakish case of sex, drugs and cough syrup. Hillary Green has been suspended amid allegations of hiring prostitutes and using illegal and prescription drugs while sitting on the bench.

The Texas Justice of the Peace apparently used her position to score marijuana and other forms of adult gratification. Although corruption among judges isn’t new, this scandal is particularly shocking. The accusations came out during messy divorce proceedings with her ex, with whom she has a child.

Ronald Green is her ex-husband. He was one of Houston’s most powerful officials as former City Controller and council member. He alleged that his wife was a habitual drug user who “operates daily with impaired judgement,” and presided over cases in which she had “ongoing sexual relationships with litigants and witnesses.”


The break-up led to a formal complaint by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct, which was the first of several it would eventually file against the super-freak judge.

RWC News Judge Ditches Court To Hire Prostitutes For Adult Party With Bailiff

Judge Green sexted with her bailiff, had an illicit affair with him, and used him to obtain prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy.

During the commission’s investigation, Claude Barnes, who Green acknowledged as a former lover, testified about their encounters. On one occasion Barnes told the court that they had a rendezvous at the Crown Plaza. An escort they hired arrived, and Judge Green, according to Barnes, said she was cute. They then proceeded to have a few drinks and smoke “marijuana” before the threesome had sex.

Barnes also told the court that they had taken ecstasy on other occasions, and he admitted to repeatedly purchasing prescription cough syrup on the Black Market for Green. Barnes told officials that one time Green arrived at his house with pot that her bailiff had taken off one kid in the courtroom.


Her bailiff’s texts were obtained by the commission, but Green argues that her ex-husband illegally stole them. Either way, they prove that an ongoing relationship with the bailiff, which included drug procurement and sexual encounters.

RWC News Judge Ditches Court To Hire Prostitutes For Adult Party With Bailiff

Accusations of hiring prostitutes and drug use came out during Green’s messy divorce trial.

Many of the messages are explicit. “That sounds like a very good dream/fantasy,” Green wrote to her bailiff in one. “You know I’m all about oral,” she said. She used code words for the drugs she wanted in the texts. “Nuts and bolts” referred to cough medicine, “cookie dough” meant cocaine, and”skittles” stood for ecstasy.

When the commission questioned Green in February, she confessed to many of the allegations. According to court records she admitted to getting marijuana from Barnes at least “four or five times,” and said that she began taking cough syrup in 2009 to help her sleep, continuing for over a year.


An interrogator asked, “And so I’m just thinking, you’re the judge and here you are abusing drugs. And you are sentencing people, fining them. And judging these people for the crimes that they have committed and yet you were committing that same crime.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Green said.

RWC News Judge Ditches Court To Hire Prostitutes For Adult Party With Bailiff

Green was allegedly high during many court cases and admitted to using drugs with her lover.

Her constant sexting and intoxication while supposedly serving her county is reprehensible. Green was suspended on Friday, and is the 98th judge to face such action.

Eric Vinson is the executive director of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. He has called on the Texas Supreme Court to assign a special master to investigate the case. However, Green has said she will fight.


Vinson wrote in a statement, “To this day, Judge Green has apparently made no attempt to reassign the bailiff with whom she actively participated in an inappropriate sexual texting relation and whom she recruited to assist in illegal drug activity.” He further stated, “She engaged the services of a peace officer to commit a criminal act, and indeed he was apparently willing to do so. Incredibly, Judge Green sees nothing wrong with the arrangement.”

RWC News Judge Ditches Court To Hire Prostitutes For Adult Party With Bailiff

The Texas Judge loved the night life, doing drugs, and hiring prostitutes for threesomes.

Green’s lawyers are saying that the action is an attempt to overthrow the will of the people, who elected Green even after the accusations had been made public. As an elected, rather than an appointed corrupt official, there are certain steps that must be taken. Her suspension will last until a civil trial can be held to determine whether or not to remove her from office.

Even though she constantly broke the law, no criminal charges have been filed. This is a shocking instance of justice being perverted by a drug abuser and sex addict. Her misdeeds are despicable.

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