JUST IN: DNC Receives Subpoena As Trump Document Investigation Rages On

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RWC News JUST IN: DNC Receives Subpoena As Trump Document Investigation Rages On

The Democratic National committee has been subpoenaed for documents and reports concerning the cyber breach during the 2016 election. BuzzFeed is desperately trying to prove the veracity of the Trump dossier, and can’t think of any other way to help defend themselves from the libel suit filed.

In an amazing turn of events, BuzzFeed has subpoenaed the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as a way to put pressure on the corrupt organization to hand over any information in connection with the ongoing libel suit. On Friday, the court order was delivered, but deciphering the ins-and-outs of this Clinton inspired mess is a challenge.

BuzzFeed is being sued by Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian technology executive, for publishing the now largely debunked Trump Russian dossier created by Christopher Steele. Steele was hired by Hillary supporters Fusion GPS to manufacture the information as “opposition research,” and it was used to start all sorts of investigations without being vetted.

Of course, there was no Trump collusion with Russia, so Steele invented various “facts” from unnamed sources to fill the report. The media went wild with it, and BuzzFeed published it despite the fact that there was absolutely no evidence of its veracity.


RWC News JUST IN: DNC Receives Subpoena As Trump Document Investigation Rages On

Aleksej Gubarev is suing the media outlet for publishing the Trump dossier without any proof of it’s veracity, so the company is targeting the DNC to see if they can get help for their defense.

The memos claimed that Gubarev and his companies helped the foreign government hack into the DNC’s outdated servers. The subsequent email releases showed the true racism, cheating, and elitist mindset that characterizes liberals. Therefore, liberal outlets ignored the actual content of the emails and focused on imaginary hacks carried out by Russia.

As part of its defense, BuzzFeed is desperately trying to prove the contents of the dossier.

“One prong of our strategy is to prove that the dossier was being acted on and circulated by officials at the highest levels of government; but we would be remiss if we didn’t use every tool to determine the truth of what actually happened — and whether, as the dossier claims, Mr. Gubarev’s servers were behind the DNC hack,” BuzzFeed spokesman Matt Mittenthal told Foreign Policy.


RWC News JUST IN: DNC Receives Subpoena As Trump Document Investigation Rages On

BuzzFeed wants to know what internal reports discovered concerning the leaked information, however, that will not help the company in the libel suit because the fact remains that they published the unvetted dossier without checking sources first.

However, a lawyer of Gubarev’s has dismissed the subpoena, saying it is a moot point. Apparently, it’s looking for information that does not pertain to the libel suit, nor will it show that his client and associates were involved in the DNC breach. Many people believe that Seth Rich was responsible for the information leak, and that’s why he was subsequently murdered in a professional hit (possibly). No information other than independent studies, have really explained the killing.

“BuzzFeed’s subpoena doesn’t amount to much,” Evan Fray-Witzer, a lawyer for Gubarev said. “It seeks irrelevant information because it’s not asking the question that actually matters: Was Gubarev, XBT, or Webzilla responsible for the hack? The answer to that question is ‘No.’”

Apparently, the subpoena requests “technical information and data obtained during the investigation into the Democratic Hack, including all host-based and network-based artifacts,” according to a copy obtained.


RWC News JUST IN: DNC Receives Subpoena As Trump Document Investigation Rages On

So much scandal and corruption surrounds the DNC and Clinton that there is no telling how long these investigations will proceed.

It also asks what type of malware was used in the “hack” along with an “non-public” reports concerning the breach.

The DNC has not commented about the court order received on Friday. The party is struggling to remain above water as allegations of corruption abound.

Because BuzzFeed published the dossier without verifying any details, it looks as if they will be paying for their liberal rush to promote fake. The company has also subpoenaed the cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike, which investigated the breach at the DNC headquarters.

All of this posturing will only return one answer. There was no Trump collusion with Russia, and the DNC breach was not caused by outside actors. Liberals in charge will not admit that fact because their base would make unreasonable demands that things be conducted with integrity.

Seeing these propagandists turn on each other is quite satisfying after eight years of oppression under Obama.

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