JUST IN: Kaepernick In The News As Everyone Discovers Newest “Charity” Donation

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RWC News JUST IN: Kaepernick In The News As Everyone Discovers Newest “Charity” Donation

How many real charities with real causes could have used his money?

The N.F.L. player with minimal talent and who barely made the league long enough to kneel is at it again. First of all, we learned that this great social justice warrior is not even registered to vote and likely knows about as much concerning any of the cases that he claims to stand (kneel) for as he does the voting process of which he never bothered with.

Now we find out from the Daily Caller that the quarreling quarterback “donated $25,000 to a foundation honoring a convicted cop killer.” The money did not go to St. Judes to help dying cancer children or to a soup kitchen in a poor neighborhood overrun by “bad cops” of which he thinks are behind every bush but to a killer.

His ever dwindling funds (since he has gone from benched to teamless due to his lack of talent) went to the Assata’s Daughter’s, according to the Daily Mail.


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The group is “named after former Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur,” they tell us. This was part of a one million dollar pledge that happened back in April when the failing player thought that he may yet get to play the game and actually put the money back.

In 1973, Shakur was convicted of “first-degree murder in the 1973 shooting death of New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster” and was sent to prison for life.

He managed what is often called quite a daring escape and now lives in Cuba, another America-hating nation.


RWC News JUST IN: Kaepernick In The News As Everyone Discovers Newest “Charity” Donation

The money that this group is getting will go to fund the very worst of society.

The Daily Caller says that Kaepernick has sealed his fate and that he is now more “radioactive” than ever.

It will be all but impossible, with sponsors fleeing already like minnows when a shark swims by (that shark being angry, boycotting fans), for this baggage to be accepted.

Kaepernicks’s already flawed reputation is now destroyed. He may have a future as a speaker to dim-witted protesters, he may get some honorary award from some leftist group of malcontents, but he won’t likely ever have a future in football.


Then again, with his skill level, that was a given anyhow.

Sources: The Daily PostThe Daily Caller – The Daily Mail

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