JUST IN: Vegas Shooter’s Brother Provides Clues In New Interview

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RWC News JUST IN: Vegas Shooter’s Brother Provides Clues In New Interview

Eric Paddock, the brother of the Las Vegas mass shooter, opens up to the press.

In a rambling 30 minute interview, accused Las Vegas shooter’s relative Eric Paddock opened up about his brother Stephen to the press.

The emotionally distraught brother seemed mostly dumnfounded regarding Stephen’s possible motive for the attack.

He explained that the brothers grew up poor in a single mother household after being abandoned by their father. Their mother had worked hard to take care of the boys, but they were ‘bad kids’ according to Eric, and got into some trouble.


He spent much of the press conference making his brother out to be a good guy, emphasizing his financial generosity toward his family and his girlfriend. He explained that wiring $100,000 to his girlfriend in the Philipines is just a normal thing he would do.

Overall the brother offered little new information, and seemed intent on defending the attacker’s reputation rather than expressing remorse to victims of the tragedy. However, he left a few clues that will jump out at any alert listener!

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