Legendary Toy Company Bends To Political Pressure As Muslim Figure Replicated

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RWC News Legendary Toy Company Bends To Political Pressure As Muslim Figure Replicated

CEO of Mattel, Margo Georgiadis, just came into power in January of 2017 and is already stirring the pot by producing a doll that condones the misogynistic ideology found within Islam

The Western world appears to have gone mad as the liberal narrative produced by academics and media personalities persuade public opinion so much that a gap in symbolism has appeared. Long has it been known that the hijab in Islamic culture is a very strict symbol of oppression as women are simply not allowed to take it off.

Now the misinformation takes another step forward as legendary toy maker Mattel condones the unequal treatment of women in Islam as their newest Barbie doll will honor Ibtihaj Muhammad, the woman Olympic fencer, complete with  her iconic hijab.

Instead of identifying the hijab as a clearly misogynistic piece of clothing for what it is, liberals and progressives have relentlessly labeled it a symbol of femininity as a way to show that they are cool with Muslims. The marketing campaign put on by Islamic political organizations to convince Americans that the hijab is somehow a symbol of women’s equality is has worked to sway many people’s opinions about the controversial article of clothing.


In majority countries, women are forced to wear their assigned clothing because of the implications that could happen if they are caught without it. The implications include punishments banned in most Western countries as rape is an appropriate punishment for those who are not wearing modest clothing. The simple fact of the matter is that women are not treated equal in Islam and it is time the United States recognize that fact.


The Islamic world suggests that a man does not have to control himself if he sees a woman dressed inappropriately because she is either a bad and should be punished or she is an infidel and is therefore subject to inhumane conditions. Liberals attempt to shift the narrative in that the fact that the women have a uniform means that they are not judged for their looks and that somehow empowers them. Now feminists have been tricked into wearing a symbol of oppression because they have been convinced that it somehow empowers them.


The idea that Islam perpetuates a rule where a woman somehow deserves to be raped because of the way she is dressed is about as anti-Western as it comes. Imagine if someone explained that a bunch of fraternity guys were justified in raping a woman because she was dressed immodestly while she was out for the night.

That person would be laughed out of the room as the argument attempts to say that the girl was at fault for getting raped, and yet this is commonplace in Islam.

It is so common in fact that every majority country that is governed by Sharia law enforces women to be “modest” coverings because if they do not then “good” Muslims will enact revenge on them. That is why this symbol is so twisted as the idea that women must wear something to cover themselves so they do not get raped is a backwards way of thinking.  However, liberals will still somehow defend and promote this as their misinformation becomes common.

RWC News Legendary Toy Company Bends To Political Pressure As Muslim Figure Replicated

On the left one can see thousands of Iranian women take to the streets to protest the hijab laws coming into effect as they know the true meaning of the hijab. On the right one can see Feminists proudly wearing hijabs because they think it empowers them. Imams must laugh at them for being so foolish.

Mattel has made a bold statement by producing this doll for the Olympic athlete. They claim that Ibtihaj Muhammad is an icon for women and girls to look up to and yet she proudly wears the hijab as if it were her choice. Girls should look up to her for her skills and determination to compete but also recognize the fact that her ideology forces women to be held accountable for being raped. It seems as if Mattel is trying to stay relevant but in a way that promotes a misogynistic ideology that justifies rape.


Mattel is not the only Western company that has tried to appease consumers with attempts to normalize the hijab. Nike famously produced an athletic hijab for women to wear as they exercise but in doing so they all but promoted the inequality found within Islam.

The continual appeasement towards others while failing to address extremely key issues that are only going to grow worse as these two civilizations clash will result in a society that demands accountability from some but not from others.

Islam is growing roots in the West and will soon be a political force to be reckoned with as their demographic will surely be a factor in elections. By normalizing key elements of Islam, the hijab, the West is ensuring that Muslims will avoid any key criticisms about their ideology until their voting block is secured.

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