Liberal Media Silent After Producing Fake Ivanka Billboard Story

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Both Hollywood and the liberal media fell hook, line and sinker Monday for a completely fake story claiming that first daughter Ivanka Trump had erected a billboard to promote a new Trump facility in the Philippines.

This round of fake news reportedly began when some fancy-pants venture capitalist passionate about so-called “social activism” posted a photo of the billboard to Twitter and then tried to tie it to President Donald Trump’s recent decision to invite controversial Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to the White House.

“Assistant to POTUS models in an ad for POTUS’s new Tower in Manila,” wrote liberal activist Peter Brack, a Huffington Post blogger and career media executive, in a since-deleted tweet, according to the Washington Free Beacon. “President of Philippines just got WH invite.”

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Except that the image was snapped in 2012 and the billboard removed several years later, presumably sometime before Trump even announced his candidacy for office in 2015. Not that this fact stopped Hollywood and the media from making total fools of themselves:

RWC News Liberal Media Silent After Producing Fake Ivanka Billboard Story

Even snooty MSNBC host Joy Reid, who sees herself as some sort of trailblazing “journalist,” fell for the story.

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And so did Peter Alexander, an Emmy Award winning “journalist” who serves as NBC’s White House correspondent:

It would have taken just the slightest bit of due diligence for the two stooges to confirm or deny the veracity of Brack’s allegation, but like typical liberal “reporters,” Reid and Alexander promptly ran with the story because it boosted their anti-Trump narrative.

So did the radical leftist blog Raw Story, which wrote a featured story falsely claiming that “Ivanka Trump hawked family’s new development in Philippines before dad invited strongman to White House.”

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You know, if the inability to differentiate fact from fiction separates fake news “reporters” from real journalists, then perhaps these hacks should look for work elsewhere.I hear The Onion is hiring.

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