Liberal Protester Forcing Neighbors to Move

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RWC News Liberal Protester Forcing Neighbors to Move

One family in Wisconsin is being forced to move by their liberally protesting neighbor.

This drama is often demonstrated via the leftists’ flair for protesting whilst exaggerating whatever annoyance they happen to be against this week.  One such liberal has taken his exaggeration to a level in which his duplex neighbors now fear that hard may come to them.

“A Wisconsin family of six is being forced to move after their duplex neighbor put up a Nazi flag in a sign of protest against President Trump and a viral photo brought angry strangers to their door.

“The Diaz family’s troubles began when a passerby snapped a photo of the two-story Oshkosh duplex on Saturday and posted it on social media. The picture quickly went viral – and drew outrage.

“Rosangela Diaz, a mother of four, said she did not even know about the flag until she saw a Facebook post about it. Her neighbor, who has not been identified, has said he flew it to make a ‘political statement’ against President Trump.

“According to Diaz — who is Hispanic and whose husband is black — her family has been threatened after the flag first went up. Someone slashed her tires. People have threatened to burn down her house.”

Once again, we can leave it to the left side of American politics to disregard their compassion in order to garner further notoriety with their classless peers.

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