Liberal Women At March Wore Hijabs…Have No Clue What They Are Actually Wearing

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RWC News Liberal Women At March Wore Hijabs…Have No Clue What They Are Actually Wearing

Forgive them, for they know not what they do

We gathered by the thousands to watch history on television. We cheered wildly when President Trump said in his inaugural address that the U.S. would eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth. The next day, we looked on in shock and horror at the violent protests in the streets. We were even more horrified when we saw American women wearing hijabs, Muslim headscarves worn as a sign of piety.

But this wasn’t Egypt. It wasn’t even the Middle East. It was our Nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

We are today seeing the same methods the Brotherhood used for decades to finally seize control in Egypt playing out in the American capital. “First we saw protesters smashing windows and torching cars,” wrote Berens, an American who has lived in Cairo for years working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She observed:


“The images we were watching could have been taken right from a street in Egypt. It is exactly what we had experienced on a daily basis for more than a year.”

“Egyptians have been fighting to remove the headscarf. Why are these the stupid women putting them on?” she asked.

Indeed, it is a question many have asked: Why would American women, and even the homosexual community, make common cause with those who would strip them of their rights and civil liberties? Why collaborate?

They cannot reach their aims separately, but they can realize the fall of individual liberties if they work together. Once freedoms fall, the groups break with each other in a race to impose their particular views on the American populace. Causing liberties to fall is a long-term project, and they will use whatever allies they can get to realize that phase of their goals.


That strategy was successful in Egypt. No Egyptian would ever think of damaging someone’s car or business before 2012, the year the Brotherhood took power in Egypt.

After that, mobs of Brotherhood would ‘protest’ in the streets, ripping apart public and private property and disabling normal activity, just as we saw after Trump was inaugurated. Some of the ‘protesters’ even covered their faces, in the same way, the Brotherhood did.

The Brotherhood had disabled our police force via accusations of police brutality long before the violent protest began. Via a well-calculated program of propaganda and lies, they were able to make the police force impotent. Police became afraid to stop the protest for fear of being accused brutality.

RWC News Liberal Women At March Wore Hijabs…Have No Clue What They Are Actually Wearing

Is this Ferguson, Baltimore or Cairo?


Egyptians experienced their version of what’s come to be called the “Ferguson effect,” and the epidemic of police shootings last summer in the wake of the protests.

Berens detected Brotherhood influence among the Washington protesters and rioters, and one facet may help explain how something many Egyptians consider a sign of oppression, the hijab, became a trendy accessory for some American women during their march.

One of the four main organizers of Saturday’s Women’s March was Linda Sarsour, a pro-Palestine activist who supports Shariah law, the strict Islamic code that renders women thoroughly subservient to men. Sarsour worked with the Obama administration as what they called a “Champion of Change” and was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

She also is affiliated with the Council on American-Islamic unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing case. Sarsour was seen recently posing for photos at a convention in Chicago with an accused financier for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Berens said the Egyptians with whom she watched the protests were bewildered by the explanation offered on television that the women were marching for civil rights.


“The women in the coffee shop shook their heads and asked, ‘Rights? The headscarf will take away your rights!’ one young woman shouted at the TV.

And here, in front of our eyes, were non-Muslim, American women donning the headscarf!”

Berens stated plainly, “Any country in which the headscarf is imposed, women always suffer from abuses and restrictions.”

That included, she said, the law imposed by ISIS in al-Qaida in Syria against women sitting in chairs, because it will stimulate them and make them “go out of control with lust.” Out of the same fear, women in certain areas of the Sudan are barred from wearing pants.

“In most communities,” Berens observed, “even communities in America, the headscarf eventually leads to the full veil, because the headscarf leads to the belief that women easily become sexually ‘out of control,’ or they become too ‘tempting.’”

Berens said that is what American women should be protesting, and she made a bold declaration: “This ‘women’s march’ wasn’t about Trump. Trump is being used as a scapegoat for the agenda.”

She used a phrase more often associated with the previous president: “The activists, who call themselves ‘community organizers,’ targeted African-Americans and Hispanics, but even more heavily targeted was the LBGT community, pro-choice groups, and vulnerable university students.”

Berens stated that was done to enlist their aid, as Muslims have done with Christian and Jewish groups in attacking so-called “Islamophobia.” Berens said the Muslims targeted pro-choice American women for the same reason, despite the fact that “abortions are illegal in Islam and no woman would dare have one.” She warned:

 “They want American women to have abortions. They want the non-Muslim population to be stagnant while the population grows. Numbers mean power.”

Berens also noted that the Student Association targeted students throughout the United States to go to the march. “They have their finger on the pulse of the ‘gender identity crisis.’ They want American youth to be confused and frozen. They want American youth to be non-productive beings obsessed with their ‘civil right’ to a ‘safe space’ and ‘time outs.’”

RWC News Liberal Women At March Wore Hijabs…Have No Clue What They Are Actually Wearing

snowflakes touting the spring oppression fashion line

That, she suggested, was the radical Muslims’ endgame. “They want a young male population that is weakened, or with confused female tendencies, whether real, imagined or transgendered. They want to confuse the American youth so they are helpless and unable to fight. They want to oppress the women and weaken the men.” And to that end, Berens maintains, subversive Muslims are employing misdirection.

“Most Americans have been focused on the stupidity of some of the goings on at the Women’s March instead of the deviousness of it. They want you distracted so that you won’t see what is really happening behind the scenes.”

History tells us of the Red Scare of the 50’s and McCarthy. Eventually he was discredited and died in obscurity before the fall of the Soviet Union. Once the files of the KGB were released, the truth was revealed and McCarthy was right. We were right to be vigilant then.

We must be vigilant now. Not every is our enemy, a vast majority here came for the same reasons our families did, to escape oppression. However, there are many Trojan Horses that have come along with them. So vigilance is necessary.

We as Americans do not win by emulating the enemy. We did not beat Hitler by eating sauerkraut or sink Japan by requiring our women to wear Kimonos. We won by being AMERICANS. Eisenhower said when confronted with beating Germany, “All I need to know about Germany is how to beat them.” Today I would state, all we need to know about Islamic Fundamentalism is how to beat them. I would further it by suggesting that mimicking their Spring Oppressive Fashion line is NOT THE ANSWER.

I would say to the ladies, do not seek equality in fashion seek it in being you.

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Emma Laftchu
I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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