Liberals Demand Wealthy Return To California As Investigator Finds 33% Living There

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RWC News Liberals Demand Wealthy Return To California As Investigator Finds 33% Living There

One third of America’s welfare recipients reside in California, and 25 percent of the state’s residents were born outside the country.

California is probably the most liberal state in the union. Government officials and elitist Hollywood actors support leftist polices that are supposed to generate equality, and the hope of American dreams for all. Yet, the reality is far from paradise. One fed up resident is bemoaning the fact that the government can’t get it right in the state.

Davis Hanson asked if California will ever thrive again. The answer is no. There is no prosperity for policies that siphon funds away from taxpayers to support broken social services which have never worked. That kind of socialism wrecks the economy and the lives of the people living it.

That’s what liberals don’t understand. There’s no middle ground when it pertains to a free handout. Eventually, everyone wants the free stuff and there’s not enough payers to cover the costs. California residents are discovering the truth for themselves.


Nearly 62 percent of the state’s roadways are rated in very poor condition and recently, the funds lost on the high-speed rail are momentous. Although it hasn’t even been completed, it’s become a giant money pit. One third of the richest residents in the Bay area report that they hope to leave the crumbling region soon.

Plus, recent demographic studies show that California houses 33 percent of all United States welfare recipients. Years of uncontrolled immigration, sanctuary polices, and liberal corruption have brought the state to its tipping point. California has become one giant social project gone wrong.

RWC News Liberals Demand Wealthy Return To California As Investigator Finds 33% Living There

California looks pretty from a distance, but the streets of Los Angeles are full of homeless people.

After years of drought, legislators still dump fresh water into the sea. No new reservoirs have been built, the infrastructure is falling apart. Thousands of people have left their central valley homes because the land has become a parched desert.


Although California collects some of the highest income, sales, and fuel taxes in the country, their schools systems and public works rank among the bottom. If anyone needs proof about liberal ideology in practice, just look at California. It’s a cesspool of filth and social inequality.

RWC News Liberals Demand Wealthy Return To California As Investigator Finds 33% Living There

If it weren’t for the fact that the state sill holds elections, the income divide could be classified as serfdom or slavery.

San Francisco looks beautiful from a distance, but upon closer inspection, the streets are filled with the homeless. Immigrants don’t speak English and all the benefit programs they receive have done nothing to foster assimilation.

One in four California residents were not born in the United States. The entire state depends on the tax revenue generated by a very small elite class, but constant problems and high taxes are driving them out. Hanson thinks that they should stop being hypocrites and pay their fair share of the socialist system.


However, that’s the entire problem with such a system. People who work for a living, rightly don’t want to give their money to freeloaders. That’s why capitalism works and is the only trade method that establishes and fosters equality.

Excessive state regulations, big government, and uncontrolled invasions in California have crippled the economy and driven the wealth divide much deeper than anywhere else in America. It can be seen in the horrid poverty that exists among opulent structures and wealthy elitists.

RWC News Liberals Demand Wealthy Return To California As Investigator Finds 33% Living There

The income divide is so large that California has essentially become a socialist paradise. That means a few people are living in luxuriant splendor while the rest languish in poverty.

Hanson suggests that Mark Zuckerberg quit lecturing other people about their xenophobia if he continues to turn his homes into fortresses with walls and security guards. Perhaps the liberal economic professors at Berkeley would also stop droning on about income inequality and return some of their $300,000 salaries.

What liberals don’t recognize is that people aren’t altruistic by nature. Those California hypocrites won’t change, because they feel somehow superior to others by spouting their idiocies. The only culture that has ever generated even the slightest bit of equality is democracy supported by free enterprise.


Of course, California liberals want to destroy America the same way that they’ve destroyed their own state. Fortunately, there’s now a man in the oval office.

President Trump is cracking down on California’s liberality and helping it in spite of liberals. Because one third of America’s welfare recipients live in the state and 25 percent of residents were born somewhere else, perhaps Trump’s immigration policies will help reduce the strain.

However, he can’t do anything about the idiots they vote in office. It that doesn’t change, California will continue as a bastion of liberal lunacy until they self-destruct. It won’t be long.

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I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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