Liberals & ISIS Share Common Goal As Hurricane Irma Barrels Towards Florida Coast

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RWC News Liberals & ISIS Share Common Goal As Hurricane Irma Barrels Towards Florida Coast

ISIS supporters are glad to see Irma cause great destruction and devastation to America

The left in the United States as once again aligned itself with murderous genocidal maniacs across the globe rather than their own countrymen. The latest debauchery that has come at the hands of the left in terms of attack fellow Americans has come at a time when America is under attack from the weather. During Hurrican Harvey, many on the left called for the destruction and death of any and everyone who voted for Trump in Texas, even if it meant that other poor minorities would die too. Now they have joined forces with ISIS by calling for the newest Hurricane Irma to unmercifully slaughter innocents in the hurricane’s path.

ISIS members and Islamist Twitter accounts have been blowing up lately with tweets calling for the praise and speed of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. It is no surprise that devoted enemies of the west have called for many in our nation to die, they have declared and carried out a holy war against non-Muslims since before I was born.

However, the behavior of many on the left by calling for the destruction of President’s Trump Property Mar-A-Lago means that they want people to suffer and die because of politics. Radical Islam and and radical leftists are once again aligned against the good of Americans.


RWC News Liberals & ISIS Share Common Goal As Hurricane Irma Barrels Towards Florida Coast

The Left and ISIS are once again allies on the same side as both Anti-American groups find themselves wishing death on innocent Americans. In the picture, ISIS on the left and ANTIFA ont eh right

ANTIFA and other leftist fringe groups had a long and busy streak of causing chaos and political violence against those who disagreed with them. They quickly and efficiently organized after the election to go on a spree of protests to counter the newfound American strength that had been lacking in the nation for so many years.

Countless altercations and events were scheduled to take place in order to combat the fascists who were just trying to get their arguments to be heard. However, in a time of real need arose, and not an imaginary “I am oppressed” need, these tolerant and “loving” leftists were no where to be seen during Hurricane Harvey.

RWC News Liberals & ISIS Share Common Goal As Hurricane Irma Barrels Towards Florida Coast

It was real Americans who stepped up and helped countless innocents affected by Hurricane Harvey, not virtue signaling leftists


Now, after the damage has settled in Texas and day to day activities are starting to resume, the left must pick out an new target to attack and they have chosen Republicans in Florida. The hatred for their countrymen that has grown in the hearts of many on the left is unsettling and dangerous as confused and anxious youth are misinformed and lead down paths of violence and destruction. It is incredibly hard and sad to watch so many around my age become consumed with hatred of anything considered politically right of their opinion, especially to be as vile as to hope that a natural disaster kills Americans.

The message of Islamists and ISIS is clear and simple, kill those who do not follow Islam and dominate those who convert. It is not surprising to see that many in the Middle East and around the world are glad to see so many American lives in danger, because obviously it was the fault of the people whose lives are going to be swept away that caused decades of turmoil and chaos in the Middle East.

The hatred and illogical reasoning of Muslims to wish such pain and torment on others is despicable and gut-wrenching but unfortunately not surprising. Many who practice Islam preach intolerance and bigotry as their religion calls for the oppression of homosexuals and women so it becomes plain to see why many in the religion despise America and her values.

RWC News Liberals & ISIS Share Common Goal As Hurricane Irma Barrels Towards Florida Coast

Post like these were shared in hopes the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are the cause of Allah punishing those in the United States


To see a genocidal fringe group slaughter their way across Iraq and Syria was a hard a brutal time for many in the world as this growing group seemed to grow more and more powerful. Now it has become clear that the goals of homicidal psychopaths across the globe coincide perfectly with the group-think mentality that has begun to plague the left in the this country.

A political group that once stood for political tolerance, self expression, and rights of workers has unmercifully aligned itself with murderers and rapists all in the name of the greater good and pushing an anti-American message.

The left’s hunger for power has revealed their true intentions as criminals who want to use their power to gain more money and influence. The growing force of Islam in American politics will give Islamists a voice to scream and pass laws condemning those who condemn Islam, the left will use this voter base to stay in power and undermine America.

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I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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