Lynch Outed As ACLJ Leaks Her Secret Media Operation To Cover Everything

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RWC News Lynch Outed As ACLJ Leaks Her Secret Media Operation To Cover Everything

New evidence proves that the Department of Justice (Loretta Lynch), the FBI (James Comey), and every major outlet but Fox conspired to suppress and spin the tarmac meeting where Lynch met with Bill Clinton concerning Hillary’s email scandal.

Liberals scoff at conservatives who talk about the media bias regarding the democrats. They say it’s imaginary, and that the so-called support of the Clinton’s and Barack Obama is all in the minds of right-wing extremists. However, they’re wrong.

New evidence of direct collusion between the Hillary campaign, the Department of Justice (DOJ) headed by Loretta Lynch, the Washington Post, the New York, Times, and every major media outlet other than Fox has just surfaced.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has been investigating the meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton that took place on the tarmac, after Hillary’s emails had been leaked. The Center has launched a federal lawsuit to uncover the truth and has just received hundreds of pages of shocking information.


RWC News Lynch Outed As ACLJ Leaks Her Secret Media Operation To Cover Everything

Loretta Lynch participated in an unethical conference with Bill Clinton, but the Washington Post and New York Times worked to cover up the possible criminal behavior.

The DOJ document dump proves that the mainstream media was working with the Clinton’s to cover up Hillary’s criminal actions. The evidence has finally been turned over. The FBI under Director Comey lied and broke the law when he said there were no “records” concerning the meeting.

In a chain of emails that flowed between members of the Clinton presidential campaign, Loretta Lynch’s office, and the Washington post, deliberate actions were taken to suppress about the illegal meeting.

A Post journalist, discussing the Clinton/Lynch conference on the tarmac, told DOJ officials, “I’m hoping to put it to rest.”


RWC News Lynch Outed As ACLJ Leaks Her Secret Media Operation To Cover Everything

As the Attorney General at the time, Lynch chose to serve the Clinton’s rather than the country.

Another reporter from the New York Times made similar declarations, telling the DOJ that he was being “pressed into service,” meaning that he was required to cover the story despite his reluctance.

The Clinton sycophants continued to depress the truth as much as possible, and emails show their ideas on how to spin it so that American’s would see Clinton and Lynch in a favorable light, rather than the real one. One senior aide in the Department of Justice said, “I also talked to the ABC producer, who noted that they aren’t interested, even if Fox runs with it.”

These are the people responsible for “investigative reporting,” and the corruption involved the Attorney General of the United States.


Another government official who was part of the department said, “Looks like all or most [of the coverage] are FOX.”

RWC News Lynch Outed As ACLJ Leaks Her Secret Media Operation To Cover Everything

Liberals can no longer say that conservatives are imagining the bias or the corruption in the Obama administration. The emails prove it.

In addition to the administration collaborators, the FBI under Comey asked the DOJ for “guidance” on how to respond to questions about why no pictures of the meeting were permitted on July 1, 2016. When the records were requested in conjunction with the lawsuit, former Director Comey deliberately and maliciously broke the law by stating that there weren’t any.

In American history, there has never been as corrupt an administration as the Obama reign. His and Hillary’s minions still scurry in the hallowed halls of the Justice and State Department, spewing their deceptions and working to destroy the country.

These traitors are joined by every major outlet in America, other than a few honest souls who actually believe in reporting the truth.

The Department of Justice has redacted all talking points related to Lynch’s criminal behavior, despite the FOIA law. However, the American Center for Law and Justice will continue to update citizens about the progress of their investigation. There’s really no telling how far the corruption and criminal actions have gone.

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