Man Bites Into KitKat, What He Sees Goes Viral

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In this world, there are constants. There are things we rely on every day to remain the same so that we, in turn, remain the same. We like our soda with bubbles. We like our Chick-fil-A servers to say “my pleasure” instead of “you’re welcome,” and gosh darn it, if you’re going to give me a fortune cookie, it better have an actual fortune inside it.

And you get a KitKat bar, there better be some chocolate wafers in there.

According to Reddit user MScsquared, when he was a child he bit into a KitKat and discovered that his life was deprived of one major constant — there weren’t any wafers in it.

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None. Zero. Zilch.

What was going on?

Apparently, he’s not the only one to have been faced with this oddity. User OddlyCalmOrca posted a photo — presumably a little more recent than the other user’s childhood — showing exactly that.

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It just doesn’t look right, and not just because it’s under the international KitKat Logo.

RWC News Man Bites Into KitKat, What He Sees Goes Viral

Mscsquared reminisced in a comment under the image, saying: “When I was 10 I got a waferless KitKat. I was so happy, I wanted another one, so I ate every KitKat in the house. I can’t remember how many we had, but my parents always had loads of KitKats. I regret nothing.”

I’m not sure who should tell him this, but if he liked wafer-less Kit Kats that much — he might want to try a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

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Regardless of how silly or trivial this picture may seem, it’s been an instant success on Reddit on the page “Never Tell Me the Odds,” which is a page dedicated to submissions of “nearly impossible feats of achievement, those with great degree of difficulty or incredible odds,” — I guess OddlyCalmOrca really hit it out of the park, because the photo has gone totally viral.

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