Man Buys Billboard Showing Support for Donald Trump

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Conservatives, particularly those who have supported President Donald Trump, have become fed up with the incessant anti-Trump narrative promoted by mainstream media, and one Trump supporter in Texas recently “broke up” with a major outlet in an epic way because of its obvious bias.

Kyle Courtney, of Boerne, purchased a large billboard overlooking Interstate 10 in San Antonio and put up a message directed at ABC regarding the network’s coverage of the president, according to NBC affiliate WOAI.

“ABC: I grew up with you. We are through. The Russians didn’t elect Donald Trump. I did,” the epic billboard read.

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Courtney’s company, Wellstar Groundwater Technologies, confirmed that he was responsible for the pro-Trump sign.

RWC News Man Buys Billboard Showing Support for Donald Trump

“ABC was the only channel I watched as a child growing up in Texas but I think they have lost touch with America and forgotten the working man,” Courtney told WOAI. “They don’t represent our voice anymore.”

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He pointed to the media’s obvious attempts to influence in the presidential campaign in favor of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. Now, since Clinton didn’t win the election, the media are still trying to sway Americans against Trump.

“Our democracy is at stake when a major political party and the media are in bed together,” he noted. “I’m not asking anyone to boycott the Democratic party. I’m not in the brainwashing business, but the liberal media is.”

The message will be up for two months, but Courtney could decide to keep it up longer, he said, according to the Dallas Morning.

This Texas Trump supporter is likely not alone in his decision to no longer watch ABC, or other mainstream media outlets, as they have disgustingly abandoned their journalistic principles in favor of pushing an anti-Trump narrative.

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