Man Can’t Believe His 1 in a Million Photo… Now It’s Going Viral

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Everyone’s had a picture taken that’s not quite right. Someone blinks, you sneeze, or Uncle Frank is looking at the wrong camera.

What happened to one Bored Panda user who tried to take a pretty panoramic photo of a mountainous area has probably never happened to you– and that’s very much a good thing.

The hiker, according to The Telegraph, just wanted a picture of some mountains and himself. He was successful capturing the mountains, but himself — not so much.

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The panoramic shot didn’t go exactly to plan and a portion of his body is unbelievably cut off by the photo.

Namely, his entire torso.

Not, like, his torso and head — just his torso.

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The resulting photograph is creepy, to say the least.

RWC News Man Can’t Believe His 1 in a Million Photo… Now It’s Going Viral

The poor man doesn’t even get a pelvis, or most of the top half of his legs. Just a head, some shorts, and some calves and feet.

Should this really be the entirety of the man who was featured in the photograph, I hope you’ll join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

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Bored Panda users are having a ball with the photo.

“The Alps are home to some endemic species,” one commenter quipped according to The Telegraph. “Here we see a sight of the two-legged head-hopper.”

“I read (the above) in Sir David Attenborough’s voice and am laughing so hard,” wrote another.

In all seriousness, wherever this man got his photo taken — it’s gorgeous. We wish him the very best in finding the rest of his body.

Maybe next time, modern technology will be a little more favorable toward him.

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