Mean Streets: NYC Man Walks Five Blocks To Hospital After Brutal Stabbing

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RWC News Mean Streets: NYC Man Walks Five Blocks To Hospital After Brutal Stabbing

On the mean streets of New York, nobody bothers to stop and help even if you’ve been stabbed in the chest.

35-year-old Mohammed Ramirez had a bad night. The New Yorker was stabbed on the street after an argument, and left with a near-fatal wound to his heart.

Ramirez is a former EMT himself, so perhaps he felt he could take care of the wound as well as any other paramedic could on the journey to the hospital.

The victim lives just blocks from where the stabbing took place, in Elmhurst Gardens Apartments. It’s unknown what started the argument, and whether there were multiple attackers or not. Police are still searching for the murder weapon, and canvassing the neighborhood for eyewitnesses.


With blood pouring from his chest, Ramirez had no choice but to stagger down Elmhurst Avenue to the hospital several blocks away. He made it just in time to collapse in the emergency room. During that entire distance, in an area alive with pedestrians, families, and young couples, nobody stopped to see if Ramirez was okay or to help him get to the hospital!

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Emma Laftchu
I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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