Melania & Barron Reveal White House Shakeup Just 2 Days Before Trump’s Birthday

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RWC News Melania & Barron Reveal White House Shakeup Just 2 Days Before Trump’s Birthday

Melania and Barron Trump move into the White House on Sunday, a few days earlier than anyone expected.

In an unexpected turn of events, the first family finally moved into the White House on Sunday. Melania and Barron Trump took up residence in America’s executive home a few days earlier than anticipated.

After living apart for nearly five months, the first lady announced Sunday that she and the couple’s son have arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to stay. The family made the decision to live separately after the election in order to let Barron finish the school year.

Mother and son have been staying in Manhattan’s Trump Tower while Barron attended Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. The decision to wait made her the only first lady in recent history to postpone her move to the White House.


Staying mostly in the background of her husband’s landmark presidential campaign, Melania’s delay gave scandal mongers plenty of fuel for speculation. Trump has been living in the White House alone since January 20. However, Melania stated last month that Barron would be attending St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland this fall. The announcement answered many of the questions floating around about the first family’s living arrangement.

RWC News Melania & Barron Reveal White House Shakeup Just 2 Days Before Trump’s Birthday

The first family is now residing together at the White House, following Barron’s completion of the fifth grade.

Focusing on their son, Melania has avoided the spotlight during the initial months of her husband’s administration.

Gradually building her presence at the White House, she has appeared there with Trump to preside over visits from foreign leaders and other dignitaries. The first lady also co-hosted the traditional Easter egg roll on the White House lawn and is moving toward a more public image.


She recently accompanied the president on his initial foreign tour. The nine-day trip was considered the first time she remained in the public limelight for an extended period. The journey was an incredible success for both her and the president.

Melania made a great impression during the excursion and has been touted as generating “The Melania Effect.” Her elegance and poise were a welcome change from the previous position holder, and her sartorial style is being copied by royals.

Pundits say that because she will now be living at the prominent location with her husband, the pressure to increase her visibility will grow. Jean Harris, professor of political science and women’s studies at the University of Scranton, PA has implied that there will be a bigger burden on her to help some segment of the population, “because that’s what first ladies are supposed to do.” During the campaign, Melania expressed her concern about cyberbullying. Although she hasn’t elaborated on any initiatives yet, her intention to work on the issue is genuine.

RWC News Melania & Barron Reveal White House Shakeup Just 2 Days Before Trump’s Birthday

Barron Trump is the first boy to live in the famous home since John Kennedy Jr.


A history professor at Ohio University, Katherine Jellison, thinks that Melania’s arrival will give Trump’s marriage an air of stability. She stated that the move gives “the impression” that the president’s “home life is under control.” Experts agree that first ladies create stability and are seen as calming influences on their high-profile husbands. Many are anxious to see if Melania will have the same sort of effect on President Trump.

The move comes a few days before Trump will celebrate his 71st birthday. In the past, his parties have been conducted on a lavish scale.

The billionaire real estate mogul had a James Bond-themed bash for his 60th birthday, complete with bikini-clad “Bond girls.” When he marked his 42nd special day, a 15-foot spaceship was launched from a stage surrounded by laser lights (kind of a big deal back then).

This year, the celebrations are being kept under wraps, but Melania recently emailed Trump supporters with a card-signing request. She asked that “loyal supporters” help make the festivities an event that Trump “will never forget.”

Since Melania and Barron were originally slated to have the move coincide with President Trump’s birthday on Wednesday, the transition on Sunday took many people by surprise. Barron will be the first boy to reside there since John Kennedy Jr.

The first family arrived at Andrews Air Force Base on Sunday evening. Marine One carried the trio and the first lady’s parents to the White House in D.C.

While walking across the South Lawn, Melania held the president’s hand, possibly to combat vicious comments about her devotion. In a recent Politico report, she is described as being “extremely protective” of her husband.

The first lady tweeted on Sunday evening that she was “looking forward to the memories” that will be created in their new home. Her long anticipated arrival is spreading joy throughout the country.

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