MSNBC’s Joy Reid Calls Americans “Packs Of Warlords” And It’s All The NRA’s Fault

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RWC News MSNBC’s Joy Reid Calls Americans “Packs Of Warlords” And It’s All The NRA’s Fault

MSNBC’s Joy Reid immediately jumped to twitter to condemn guns and white people after the Texas shooting. The media seems to have completely forgotten that a terrorist killed 8 people with a truck in New York City just a few days prior. But of course they wouldn’t want to admit that the problem is mental illness, not guns.

“Americans are living like packs of warlords, with heavily armed people everywhere, any one of whom can kill dozens at will. This is insane. And the @NRA has decreed that the answer to this is MORE warlords, hoarding MORE guns, like little private armies,” tweeted Joy Reid.

“The @NRA ethos is that everyone is your enemy. Every tribe is your enemy, and you need to be prepared to kill a lot of people all the time. What civilized country — what country not currently being invaded or facing war on its shores behaves like that?” wrote Reid.

Can she really not understand the difference between owning a gun for protection and being a ‘warlord?’

“And the worst part is, the vast majority of us DO NOT want to live this way. But a minority of fanatics and supine politicians force us to,” she wrote. Actually a majority of Americans support our 2nd Amendments. It’s mostly the elites in the media who don’t.

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